Shadow Of War Screenshots Leaked: Seems To Show The Protagonist Can Ride A Dragon In The Game

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Middle Earth: Shadow Of War is the sequel to the critically acclaimed game Shadow of Mordor. It was recently announced to be releasing later this year , after an apparent mistake by retailer Target had already made the gaming community aware of the game’s presence.

Now it seems another internal error has given us a sneak peek of how the game might look, as due to an internal error a trailer was leaked online which allowed us a glimpse at some screenshots of the game .  The trailer has since emerged again in the form of a teaser and can be viewed here. The interesting thing to note here is the fact that the screenshots show the protagonist Talion atop a Dragon. Have a look at the screenshot for yourself below.

Interestingly enough the Dragon is also part of the $300 Mithril Edition , so it will be interesting to see whether we actually get to ride a dragon within the game ( Scalebound , sniff** sniff**).There is also the distinct possibility of the dragon just being there to make the trailer look cool and nothing more.

There are other interesting screenshots as well which show the protagonist fighting a Troll , and some enemies and then again what looks like the Dragon being thrashed by the Troll vehemently.

If the screenshots are anything to go by the game will be a huge hit like its predecessor . It would be interesting if we actually do get to control the Dragon within the game , and the RPG fan in me is excited by the prospect of having to ride a heavyweight winged monster .

Shadow Of War is scheduled to come out later this year on 22nd August 2017 for the US, and 25th August 2017 for the UK. Let us know what do you think about the game , and whether you will be buying it by commenting in the comments section below.