The Identity Of Savitar Might Leave Fans In Awe: Here’s Why


The identity of Savitar is about to be revealed but we think it would be someone that no one would expect: Why else leave fans hanging till season 4 and webbed in curiosity as to how Flash reacts.

Flash season 3 has been a roller coaster ride for the Flash and his fans. Like previous seasons, the show has kept its audiences engaged. Savitar has made the Flash’s life a misery and Flash doesn’t even know who this speedster is. Well folks, Savitar’s real identity is all set to be revealed. Episode 23 is which is scheduled for release on May 23 will reveal these details. If you’re one of those crazy fans who like to guess who Savitar really is, get your analysis ready. Who knows you might be right. We have also done a roundup on who we believe the God Of Speed might be.

Before we start our analysis, we may have to look at certain things revealed in the past few episodes. Starting off, Savitar knows Flash and the gang well. In previous encounters, he  has indicated how he knew every member of the team including Flash. Savitar knows their strengths and weakness and seems to be always one step ahead of the team.  Secondly, in the most recent episode, Caitlin Snow gets to know the identity of Savitar and immediately submits herself to him. This bring us to our first suspect of who he  might turn out to be.

Ronnie Raymond:

Ronnie Raymond is someone who Caitlin has always trusted and loved. The eagerness with which Caitlin accepted Savitar’s offer might mean that Ronnie is Savitar. Trust is the keyword over here. In the latest episode, Caitlyn asks Savitar for a major reason to trust him. And guess what? The only way Savitar can persuade Caitlyn to trust him by taking off his mask and revealing his true identity. The question that now arises was that why was Caitlyn able to trust and forgive Savitar just based on his identity. Savitar has caused a significant damage to the Flash and even killed Iris in the future. The why was Caitlyn able to look past all that and join Savitar. This clearly means that he can be someone close to Caitlyn’s heart and Ronnie seems to be the perfect fit for this.

Ronnie lived on earth 1 and his doppelganger in Earth 2 as Deathstorm. In both worlds, Ronnie seems to have suffered a lot and the Flash team haven’t played their part well. Thus, this could serve as a good reason for Ronnie killing Iris and Caitlyn eagerness to accept his proposal instantaneously.


While many fans after the latest episode may put away the idea of Flash being the God Of Speed we believe he is a strong contender. Savitar always seem to be ahead of the Flash and knows every move. Savitar also is a speedster. While Deathstorm or Ronnie can be Savitar they don’t have the speed that he has displayed. Even if you know Flash well, you must possess the speed to be a match for the Flash. And who better to match Flash’s speed than the Flash himself. The Flashpoint has created numerous problems. If the innocent Cailyn Snow can go rogue by turning into Killer Frost, then we can expect something like that from the Flash too. Going back and forth in time may have created an alternate version of the Flash.


There are numerous other fan theories circulating the internet as to who Savitar maybe. Edward Thawne and Wally West are considered by some but we think Caitlyn wouldn’t trust either of them so willingly. If we use the process of elimination the final battle comes down to Ronnie and the Flash himself.

While the identity of  Savitar will be revealed, the synopsis of the May 23 episode shows that the season’s story would extend to the next season and would left fans hanging with a wave of suspense. There might be even a possibility that the identity of Flash’s is so bizarre that all are predictions go wrong. I mean they will make us wait for the new season, clearly showing that the identity of the Savitar is the last thing we see in Season 3.

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