Ryan Reynolds Might Have Been The Flash Twice


It comes as no surprise when the topic of Ryan Reynolds and his relationship with superheroes come out as shaky. Prior to the time when the actor astonished everyone with his lead role in Deadpool, he had acted in two films as a comic book character but it didn’t turn out as well as Deadpool. The first of those movies was X-Men Origins: Wolverine in which he played a very dissimilar version of Deadpool. The second movie was Green Lantern in which Reynolds had the lead role of  The Green Lantern. Albeit he did not do such a bad job in the movie, it still wasn’t justice to it because the movie sucked and was thrashed on by fans as well as critics worldwide. After two hits and two misses, Reynolds tried one more time in Deadpool and without a doubt, he hit a home run this time!

However, it was likely that things turned out differently for the actor as he may have played as another superhero before any of this had happened. This is mainly because he was eager to play Barry Allen/The Flash in the series for Warner Bros in more than one occasion back in the year 2005. But WB studios went the other way and offered him Green Lantern instead. The second time when Reynolds was eager for the role of The Flash was in the year 2008 when he was called in for the voice over of Wally West for the characters video game by developer Bottlerocket Entertainment whose hopes to release the game within the next year or so. The ones that were going to fight against The Fastest Man Alive were Weather Wizard, Mirror Master and  Captain Cold.

Sadly, the game never came out but as for Reynolds he  did have a couple of rough years before finally bouncing back with the merc with a mouth and silencing his critics and Fox studios once and for all.