The Man Behind PSVR;Richard Marks Thinks Major AAA Titles May Be Compatible With VR Technology Soon


Richard Marks head of PlayStation Magic Labs had a really interesting conversation regarding PSVR with Glixel. In it he talked about the limitations and challenges that they faced whilst they were working on the PSVR , and what is the future of PSVR and gaming amongst other things.

A fairly common criticism of PSVR is the fact that currently its more or less 5 hours tech demos , however the notable exceptions are Resident Evil: Biohazard and Farpoint.

He was asked about whether VR would ever become a part of popular games such as Overwatch or open world games such as Witcher 3 or Horizon Zero Dawn , and here is what he had to say in response.

“I don’t think there’s any reason they can’t be. I think there are reasons it’s not right now, and number of seats is one, right? So if you have a million people versus you have 60 million people, the kind of game that will work is different. The number of people that are playing Overwatch right now is a huge number, and no matter what level you are you’ll find a right level for you when you play. And also, for the same reason – the number of seats – it’s just the right amount of money for a developer to spend developing a game because that number has to match the number of possible sales.

He then further went on to say that for that to happen the games would need to generate a return on sales which he feels is not quite possibly right now due to the lower VR install base. However he did go on to say that Resident Evil  VR was a perfect use of a PSVR as the survival horror genre worked really well with the technology.

In some games VR would not feel right at all , take for example The Witcher 3 a lot of detail would need to go into making an open world RPG compatible with the PSVR and to ensure that the transition to combat and other actions remains smooth.

He then went on to add that as soon as the install base of VR devices such as PSVR grew we might see more established titles headed to the platform

But I think once the installed base of VR gets big enough then obviously we won’t have that issue. You can just make an amazingly deep long game that’s super high production value and it’ll be the same as these kinds of games you’re talking about. It just won’t be exactly the same game.”

When asked about whether we would see major games headed to VR sooner rather than later he had this to say.

“Yeah, I believe that’s coming.”