PS5: Kaz Hirai Interested In Pushing A Platform, Claims Of A Discrete GPU Analyzed



Sony President Kaz Hirai recently commented on the possibility of PS5 while answering questions about Sony’s future plans in an interview with Nikkei Asia. Here is what he had to say when asked about a PS5 release.

“Our game subsidiary is discussing which direction to take — how to use a big platform like the PlayStation going forward. Generally speaking, I don’t think it is a good idea to drop consoles entirely, since we seek to offer the platform worldwide”,

The  important thing here being that Kaz Hirai is more inclined in pushing a platform rather than just dropping a console. With Sony only going strength to strength this year and a move towards a service model it makes sense for Sony to adopt this route.

With the launch of the highly awaited Xbox Scorpio so close, many are expecting Sony’s next move to be the launch of a new console that might be a direct successor to the mighty PS4. The company might already have PS5 in mind, only a few years into the lifetime of their mid cycle update the PS4 Pro.

Tweaktown has also reportedly talked to someone that knows about Sony’s next console, the PlayStation 5. The individual apparently talked a bit about the hardware that might be inside the console. This “insider” confirmed that there will be no APU like Project Scorpio inside the PlayStation 5 and yet also did not rule out the possibility of a discrete GPU (although he didn’t specifically confirm it will be there).

The claims that Sony might be going for a discrete GPU this time around in favor of ditching the APU that they had used with the PS4 is exciting , as this would mean the console will feature a proper GPU instead of a watered down version. They claim that their source is “someone who is deep in the industry and would know a fair amount of what to expect”. Their source also says the console definitely wont be released in 2018. There are however no official reports or leaks about any of this so it might just be industry rumors and should definitely be taken with a grain of salt.

It does seem that Sony is being very careful and is not at all talking about Project Scorpio which leads me to believe that PS5 will not only be a powerful console but a platform with better services , and this is perhaps what Kaz Hirai actually means when he says he is more inclined to push a platform.

PS4’s sales are brilliant currently and Sony does not see Project Scorpio as a threat , and hence Sony is likely to take its time and wont rush into  releasing a console. The PS5 appears to be still be on the proverbial “drawing board and it will take some time before its actually released”.