Nintendo Switch Is Breaking Launch Records Worldwide, But What Does The Future Hold?


Nintendo’s Switch is quite possibly the single most important launch in the history of the company. It has so far lived up to expectations and has outsold the extremely popular Wii in its first two days in the US.

In Japan the console has sold approximately 330,637 units . To put these hardware stats into context the Wii sold 371,936 units in its first 2 days. However it must be remembered that Wii launched in December during the holiday season.

In Australia and New Zealand a press release has stated that “Across Australia and New Zealand combined, Nintendo Switch sold more in its launch weekend than any other Nintendo hardware in history”

In France it has sold approximately 105,000 units approximately

In Europe the trend has also continued with the Switch selling the most number of units than any other hardware in the company’s history.

While credit goes to Nintendo for an extremely successful launch you cant help but wonder if Nintendo is going down the same road yet again. I get the fact that the Switch is a brilliant piece of innovation , and nobody has had the mettle to pull off a a hybrid console until now, but we got to remember back in November 2006 the Wii was also the first console which introduced motion controlled gaming. At that time it was the hottest thing in the gaming industry and Xbox and PlayStation both followed suit with Move and Kinect respectively.

Although hugely popular at the time fast forward and more than a decade later the Wii and the WiiU are all but forgotten, with the latter performing miserably and failing to live up to expectations. Ask any Nintendo fan and they will say that  Nintendo Switch  will  not be trying to compete with the Xbox and PlayStation brands, instead it will focus on innovation and good old fashioned fun games.

However competing with the other two giants of the industry is exactly what Nintendo needs to do if its to remain relevant in the future. It can be argued that apart from Nintendo loyalist nobody actually remembers the Wii or the WiiU . Nintendo is again banking on innovation to build and retain a worldwide fanbase , and it is clear that in terms of hardware it does not have the juice to compete with PS4 or Xbox One . Furthermore if you look at it from the perspective of the average gamer they are more than likely to go after a console which offers a number of different software.

While Zelda : Breath of The Wild has released to critical acclaim and has broken the record for best selling stand-alone game by ousting Super Mario 64, there doesn’t appear to be much else that the console has to offer . The only other AAA games that Nintendo has to offer are Splatoon 2 , and Super Mario Odyssey. Apart from that there is not much else  and Nintendo is banking on indie games, re-releases of classic NES and Super NES games, and rehashes of previously released titles to ensure that interest in Nintendo remains high. However it is a strategy that has backfired before, and it looks likely that it will backfire yet again. While the initial hype for the system dies out gamers all around the world will flock to buy the latest AAA release, and those will be on Xbox One and PS4 .

Furthermore if the rumored reports of Project Scorpio specs   and the arrival of PS5 are true then there will be a huge gap in terms of performance for the Nintendo Switch, and it is unclear if developers will be interested in releasing major titles on Nintendo Switch alongside a PS4 and Xbox One.

The Switch is performing well above expectations , but whether they can continue the momentum in the coming future is  a whole other story .