Microsoft HoloLens Is A Stand Alone Hands Free PC Whose Possibility Goes Beyond Games


Recently we have heard a lot about Microsoft HoloLens and how it will allow the company to finally venture into the realms of VR.

On 8th and 9th May Unity Technologies Japan Ltd held “Unite Tokyo 2017” which was open to both students and developers and took place at the Tokyo International Forum. The standout at this event was  a lecture by Microsoft Japan’s Principal Tech Evangelist Shinobu Takahashi.

He went on to describe HoloLens and “Mixed Reality” as a fusion between the physical and the virtual world, kind of like augmented reality , however it differs from augmented reality in the sense that while AR overlaps information such as an object  at the forefront in the physical world with various devices , in contrast in MR the device needs to grasp the physical world as 3D space.

He also went on to say essentially HoloLens is a cableless stand alone computer which contains all the batteries and sensors. There are 3 different kinds of sensors, one of them recognizes the surrounding environment and what it contains. Furthermore HoloLens is a stand-alone PC in the sense that it is hands-free and see through .

The specs of the HoloLens were also revealed they are

  • 32 bit CPU, memory 64GB Flash
  • 2GB RAM 
  • 8 inch tablet spec

He further went on to say that the price of the HoloLens will be quite steep , but in the future Windows Mixed Reality Devices will  come out which will themselves become VR devices , he also went on to say by connecting to a Windows 10 PC it is possible to create an environment that is quite close to Mixed Reality. He also indicated that they believe that there will is a high demand for devices such as the HoloLens, however the lack of developers for the device’s application is a real challenge. Yet they are trying their hardest to overcome that as well.

Source: Famitsu