Microsoft Hated The Name “Halo” And There Was Almost No Multiplayer

Halo 5

One of the biggest names in Xbox history has always been the Halo series. The series has since launch gathered a huge fanbase and has been a lovable multiplayer experience ever since it first dawned on the original Xbox. And that is why it is so surprising that Microsoft actually hated the name “Halo” and were in discussions of changing it. Jaime Griesemer, FPS control designer at Bungie, said that Microsoft were definitely not fond of the name “Halo” for their amazing shooter series. He stated there was a lot of thought put into changing the name and thinking of something else for the game, this went on for quite some time.


“They said that it doesn’t mean anything, and to people it does mean something to, it’s not on-brand, because what we’re selling is the super soldier, not this weird space junk. In every foreign language it sounds stupid, it’s feminine–they had so many reasons why the name should be changed. They went for months and months, and they came back with a bunch of names. It was another border dispute.”, this is what Jaime had to say.

Jaime also reported that, ironically, the series that is famous for it’s multiplayer aspect was almost skipped out on it. Microsoft were thinking of not adding a multiplayer mode to the game but it was added as a last touch to the game, late in development.The Studio was aiming for Halo’s multiplayer to be more arena-based rather than what it eventually got because there wasn’t time for anymore implementation and thus a head-to-head multiplayer experience was added.

The series since then has evolved a lot through the ages with 343 Industries taking over development and dishing out Halo 4, 5 and Halo Wars 2. The latest in the main game series, Halo 5, was not well received by fans because of it’s lack of an interesting single-player campaign but the developers have taken note and promise a better experience next time around.