Michael Pachter  Worried About Project Scorpio As E3 2017 Draws Near

Project Scorpio


E3 2017 is just a few days and we will finally be getting all the details about Project  Scorpio at the year’s biggest ever event for games! Games that take full advantage of the beefed up hardware of the 4k console are expected to be presented along with other details such as the price point and a release date. Microsoft’s conference taking place before Sony’s will give Sony an edge to capitalise and re-think their marketing strategies after whatever Microsoft reveal.


A few things that industry analyst, Michael Pachter, noticed included the price point that the Scorpio would be set at and how it would be a problem for Microsoft. Microsoft would be pricing themselves out of the market if the Scorpio is priced at anything higher than $399, according to Pachter. Pricing it any higher than that would cause the Scorpio to not achieve the kind of market share Microsoft are expecting it to hit.


“That sounds cheap for what you get, I think Microsoft would be making a mistake to price it higher.  If they go at $399 I actually think this will be a better pricing SKU. I think people that are buying 4K TVs are looking for content. We’ve finally gotten to that crossover point where 4K Tvs are a way to future proof against television broadcasts turning into 4K. Right now, unless you purchase a separate Blu-ray player you can’t even watch movie content in 4K. No cable system broadcasts in 4K.  Netflix has its originals broadcast in 4k… games is a killer app for it. I think that if Microsoft comes out at a $399 price point it has a chance of remaining quite relevant this cycle. If they’re above $399 I think they’re going to have a problem.”, said Pachter.


Microsoft also needs to worry about Sony capitalizing because of their 30 hour thinking time before the conference. Pachter believes that the PS4 Pro could get a price drop right after Xbox Scorpio is announced at $399 to attract more buyers away from the Scorpio (that still has a good time before release) to a more affordable and available 4k console option.


There is no confirmation about how much Project Scorpio is going to be priced at right now but stay tuned because E3 2017 is in a few days and we’ll be sure to bring you everything new from there!