Michael Pachter Talks About The End Of Console Dominance, And How Sony And The PlayStation Brand Can Remain Relevant In The Near Future

Sony Ps4

In the latest episode of his show ‘Pachter Factor’,  Michael Pachter talked about how Sony could end up losing console dominance, and how consoles in general will decline in the future.

While answering questions from Twitter, Pachter received a question asking “With console generations all but gone, what would Sony have to do to lose market dominance?”

Pachter gave an in-depth reply to this question, and talked about how consoles in general will decline as console software will move on from consoles. He stated that Sony would begin to lose dominance once multi-platform games moved on from being more accessible on consoles to being more accessible on computers and, ultimately, smartphones.

“Console software is gonna move off consoles. So Sony is gonna lose market dominance when you can play Call of Duty without a console, and that’s gonna happen in 2019 or 2020. So in the next 2 to 3 years, you’re gonna have the opportunity to download to your PC and play on your T.V. And in the next 10 years you’re gonna download to your phone and play on your T.V.” explained Pachter.

“When that happens, and there’s no reason to buy a console, then the only people who are gonna buy consoles (PlayStations) are the people that wanna play Sony proprietary first party content”

Pachter explained how Sony was heading on a path of innovation by introducing new services like PlayStation Now and PlayStation Vue as well as free games and more exclusive content, and that. He suggest that Sony continue following the same path by offering players more than just a traditional gaming console. But if players were to get the same content and more without spending on a separate and just using a PC or phone, then that would be the more attractive option: “I think what Sony’s gonna have to do is make the console do more. And they’re headed that way. So PlayStation Now, PlayStation Vue, lots of free games for players, maintaining a robust network, having indie games that are available only on PlayStation. That’s what they have to do.”

“But if the cost to get all that stuff is 400 bucks plus 5 bucks a month, and (but if) you can play without a console so no 400 bucks, so not as many people are gonna do it”

In the end, Pachter predicted that the console market will soon fall as a whole, as every upcoming console generation is half as successful or big as the last. In the future, very few (i.e lazy or rich) people will actually bother buying a console. Therefore, Sony won’t actually lose market dominance, but will suffer due to the end of the console era.

Do you agree with Pachter? Let us know in the comments below!

  • fllysurfer

    Patcher is forgetting that systems don’t sell games, games sell systems. The reason PS4 is selling like it has is due to Sonys exclusive contents quality.

    Unless mobile gaming manages to shake off the negative spin mobile gaming on phones has to real gamers, there no way gaming can become serious on smartphones and even then, theres the control aspect of gaming on a flat slab.

    • Hvd

      Pachter is a moron.console gaming is more popular then ever.i say its mobile you just cant beat billions of cell phones,consoles then pc.

      just dont leave the gaming industry to pc or it will crash…lol

      • DarthDiggler


        Can you qualify “consoles gaming is more popular than ever” with a source? (Note it should be than and not then as you are making a comparative statement.)

        The rest of your comment is a mess and I really don’t know what you are saying.

  • Hvd

    Pachter is a full retard consoles will never die as long as pc gamers use scummy sites like g2a and cdkeys.com to buy games from.consoles will be on top still.its mobile,consoles then pc.the pc is 3rd rate..lol

    if the game industry was left up to pc gamers it would die.

  • Za Dragoneel

    Gaming on smartphones are never really going to replace consoles. As it would require more gpu and cpu raw power which in turn would require more battery life. Besides playing without controllers and using only screen can never deliver full gaming experience of playing FPS or RPG games

  • Phil7474

    I would never use my PC or phone to play games. I just don’t like it. My consoles have always and will be my choice to game. He doesn’t know Wtf he’s talking about. My PC is for everything else but gaming. To no offense, I only know nerds that play on PC. Everyone else has consoles. The ppl I know would hate using a keyboard to play a game. Lol and to have to sit in front of a PC monitor? Fuck that! Yall can keep that shit. And playing a game with a touchscreen is just horrible.(I’ve hooked my ps4 controller to my smartphone to play old emulated games and systems. That was a blast. I even hml to HDMI to my TV to play the games on the big screen. That was truly awesome. Anyways, power to the gamers no matter the platform.

    • Herb Superb

      That’s just silly. I don’t game on PC, but even I have a PC connected to a big screen TV and would use a 360 controller over a KB and Mouse. I wouldnt think gamers would still be gaming on little monitors and use KB and mouse.

    • Thomas Hannah

      I’ll would never play video games in general, especially the ones like Battlefield, COD, or Rainbow Six on a smartphone, tablet or downloaded on a tv. That’ll never beat playing on a console and would play those same games; or any on a PC first.

  • Nine

    Nah I highly doubt that the PS4 is selling very very great everywhere on earth and now the switch is breaking record sales for Nintendo even Microsoft they are kind of doing great however the gaming industry is changing and all of these companies are trying to adept to these changes and who the F**k is patcher !!!??

  • Hunter

    Sony already won this gen

    PS5 = Pole Position & Next gen domination

  • JeronimoPW

    Someone needs to “patch” this guy’s brain… so much weed

    • Brad Marcus Kirchhoff

      Not weed. Weed doesnt kill brain cells, holding your breath does. This guy is on some hard stuff.

      • DarthDiggler

        @jeronimopw:disqus @bradmarcuskirchhoff:disqus

        So what does the peanut gallery have to say? I see people like you two comment on every Pachter article, tossing spitballs and just poking fun at Michael. I am no special pleader for Pachter, but I respect that the guy has carved out a reputation and obviously his words have value to others in the industry and outside of the industry.

        How about you two use your brains and actually take him to task on his words. The way your words are expressed now you seem to be suggesting that nothing he is saying will come to pass which only makes you two sound like morons. Obviously cloud gaming will be a contender in the future, within our lifetimes. Granted 2019 / 2020 is likely a very optimistic appraisal but that doesn’t dismiss what the guy says in total.

  • Brad Marcus Kirchhoff

    Lol. What a crazy article. The Playstation brand along w consoles will be around long after Im dead and gone. Its a staple in gaming. Neither is going anywhere.

    • DarthDiggler


      For someone who seems to have fondness for PlayStation you don’t seem to understand how to properly format their trademark. 🙂

      You know what other brand was considered a staple in the game industry? Atari, granted Atari was a trailblazer and got lazy. There are no guarantees in business.


    Consoles are plastis toys for children, real gamers don’t care about dumb consoles.
    PC is dominating and will be the only platform real soon.

    Bow down console peasants.

    • marc sticken

      Your not a gamer your a masterrapehole me as a multi platform gamer (PC console mobile (switch vita ds) say burn in hell your PC virgin

      • DarthDiggler


        You don’t need to spend $2000 on hardware to prove you are a true gamer. 🙂 These days buying system will generally give you access to at least 75%-80% of main stream games.


        For some of us with jobs a PC is something we use all day every day. So coming home and sitting in front of a PC isn’t an option.

        This whole “console peasant” is a myth. The fact is I think the average PC gamer and the average console gamer spend about the same amount of money on their hobby on average.

        The fact is most PC gamers are playing on systems that lag well behind the bleeding edge of technology. Certainly most gamers have spent more than $300-$400 on their PC in total, but I bet their average upgrade rings in less than $500 and happens within a 12-24 month cycle.

        Sure console gamers still probably spend a little less on hardware but that just leaves them more money for software. At the end of the day the most important aspect to gaming is the games.

        • marc sticken

          im just saying that im sick and fucking tired of this pc masterrace cosnole peasnat bullshit

          becuase if you go used and are ok with older hardware you can get a ps3 for about 5 bucks with a game and a controller at gamestop
          and a pc of the same capabilities would cost at least 200

          what im trying to really say is (is used to be a cosnole only now im multiplatform) that both have pros and cons it doesnt matter what you go with and then there is the stupid “console peasants fighting over what shit is better myth” well pc gamers have the same problem intel/nvidia vs amd


      then why dont you have AAA exclusives this year?

      PS4 exclusives are above pc this year!

      Keep the damage control troll!

    • Thomas Hannah

      And PCs are plastic and aluminum. Adults and children play games on PCs, just like there are children and adults on console. Consoles are gonna always be around and are becoming more PC like. Like PCs, serve its own purpose without the troubles that come with dealing with a gaming PC. I don’t know about PC dominating because when it comes to multi-plats and AAA games. They’re selling more on consoles and the player base is larger overall.

  • moral pereira

    I think this guy’s out of mind need to take some medicine play mario run on your mobile kid’s

  • ShadowFalls

    Will this happen? Maybe. But not at least for another 50 years. Graphics are the leading driver and phones cannot keep up with it. People are still less likely to have a PC with capable graphics to play the games than a console anyways. So until gaming graphics become a standard on all computers, it isn’t going to happen.

    • DarthDiggler


      Will this happen? Maybe. But not at least for another 50 years.

      Please re-read your sentence here and take a moment to consider amending your words. Streaming is already now the standard for movie viewing it is really only a matter of time until streaming is robust enough that it is preferable to consoles for gaming. There is no MAYBE about it.

      Your 50 year claim is utterly ridiculous. 50 years ago in 1967 we were still 2 years away from landing on the moon and the technology in your smart phone likely exceeds the processing power of the entire moon landing operation (space capsule and ground stations).

      Graphics are the leading driver and phones cannot keep up with it.

      Streaming negates the need for high end local hardware. This point is a non sequitur.

      People are still less likely to have a PC with capable graphics to play the games than a console anyways. So until gaming graphics become a standard on all computers, it isn’t going to happen.

      Not true at all, to suggest the entire marketplace is driven by the high end GPUs completely ignores the diversity in this marketplace which has people buying up Nintendo Classics (which by all measures fail your graphical benchmarks).

      I think there will be a demand for high end PC gaming experiences for the foreseeable future (at least 5-10 years). To suggest that cloud gaming won’t find a marketplace foothold for 50 years is laughable.

      • ShadowFalls

        You forgot one metric, corporate greed. Internet speeds in majority of the markets have become stagnate. Not to mention many broadband providers have data caps. Bandwidth is not your only factor either, you forgot about latency. In this day in age, some people still use dial-up as being their only option.

        As for your opinion of Nintendo Classics, being bought up. You apparently look at it one way… Graphics. Not factoring in Nostalgia, Greed, and perceived rarity (not so perceived now).

        Maybe you would have a better argument if capitalism didn’t run out world, but in reality, it is just wishful thinking.

        Just for reference btw, we actually lack the means to go to the moon right now. We don’t lack the technology, just saying at this minute, we can’t send a man to the moon if we wanted to.

  • Russia Good

    You already can play Call of Duty on PC you moron Pachter, it started on PC and didnt hurt consoles at all over the years.

    • ruefrak

      I thought I was seeing things with that statement. I only play CoD on PC. So yeah… everything he says is pretty irrelevant.

      • DarthDiggler


        You doubt that video games are heading to the cloud? I think his predictions seem a tad early, but I don’t doubt that one day most of the gaming we do will be in the cloud.

    • DarthDiggler

      @Russia_Good:disqus (Bad Russia! Go to your room until you are ready to apologize for Georgia and Ukraine.)

      I think when he said download was referring to the games being streamed through the cloud. Not the typical download and play that we enjoy today. Pachter’s day to day job is creating statements to be digested by people who aren’t necessarily in the industry but want to have an outlook on it. So I bet at times he uses words like “download” in lieu of “streaming” just to keep it simple.

      • Russia Good

        You already can stream it

        • DarthDiggler


          Re-read my comment your response doesn’t make sense.

          • Russia Good

            ure dumb

  • Ty

    Is he saying that TVs will be powerful enough to run games like COD?

    My 2015 Samsung LED crashes when I change the channel sometimes. So they have some ways to go yet.

    • DarthDiggler


      It is possible, there will likely still be a market for high end PCs, but today you can get GPUs that are integrated into the motherboard of a business workstation that rival some of the higher end cards of a few years ago. Also you have to consider the laws of diminishing returns. You can potentially double up your stats on paper and only achieve 10% better fidelity. I am speaking generically of course.

      So GPUs will become commoditized to the point that the base low-end spec will be something that fairly hefty in specs.



  • mechlord

    This again?

  • hcode123

    I doubt they fall too far behind and lose their exclusive game streak. Seeing there working on a PS5 with 10-11 teraflops for 2018. (This is just what I have read else where, look it up.)
    The optimizing consoles have is far superior than a PC’s optimization. I wish PC would optimize like a console. I’ll be at 5k. I can get near 4k for $400 with PRO. You cannot build a PC with that. Consoles are winning and I believe their about to win a lot more with Scorpio.

    • DarthDiggler


      To be fair Michael was talking about gaming in the future. I don’t doubt what he says will come true none of that is rocket science. The timing doesn’t seem likely in my opinion. The advantage to consoles today is you can buy them and get plenty of entertainment without an internet connection.

      I think his 2019 – 2020 time frame is extremely optimistic, but you never know when a new competitor comes on the scene with some disruptive technology.

  • DarthDiggler

    Michael is good at what he does but I am not convinced he understands the limitation of the internet.

    While speeds are now not a factor for much of the USA it is still a factor for large section of the marketplace. Speeds are not the end all be all when it comes to “gaming in the cloud” the network latency will determine much of the experience. So while many including Michael have been speaking of the end of the console, there has not been any major developments to tackle the latency barrier. The marketplace for internet is focused on download speeds only. Likely it will take someone like Sony, MS, or Nintendo to develop a network of regional data centers that would tackle the latency issue. If you are in a small market you may not be a target demographic.


    omg im actually triggered right now. like im about to fanboy. are you serious right now.

    first off/ how do you expect to play COD as a casual without a console., millions of ppl arent going to build PCs. in fact, they dont care. respectfully good sir, you could not be more wrong. im a casual. (im a hardcore fanboy and internet typer) but as a gamer im a casual. im not about to build a PC to experience the epic onslaught of titles that is

    god of war, death stranding, final fantasy 7 remake, ni no kuni 2, kingdom hearts 3. detroit become human, days gone, spider man, last of us 2, COD WW2, battlefront 2, red dead redemption 2, resident evil, horizon zero dawn, etc. id rather pay 300-400 for a console to play epic experiences, and im sure many other ppl do to.

    tbh Pachter., how the hell are Switch users going to play these epic experiences? you think nintendo will bring those switch titles to PC as well ?

  • Dave21

    A dedicated console will always trump a phone for power and graphics. Gamers want the best possible experience and a phone will not be able to compete with a current gen console.