Michael Pachter Talks About The End Of Console Dominance, And How Sony And The PlayStation Brand Can Remain Relevant In The Near Future

Sony Ps4

In the latest episode of his show ‘Pachter Factor’,  Michael Pachter talked about how Sony could end up losing console dominance, and how consoles in general will decline in the future.

While answering questions from Twitter, Pachter received a question asking “With console generations all but gone, what would Sony have to do to lose market dominance?”

Pachter gave an in-depth reply to this question, and talked about how consoles in general will decline as console software will move on from consoles. He stated that Sony would begin to lose dominance once multi-platform games moved on from being more accessible on consoles to being more accessible on computers and, ultimately, smartphones.

“Console software is gonna move off consoles. So Sony is gonna lose market dominance when you can play Call of Duty without a console, and that’s gonna happen in 2019 or 2020. So in the next 2 to 3 years, you’re gonna have the opportunity to download to your PC and play on your T.V. And in the next 10 years you’re gonna download to your phone and play on your T.V.” explained Pachter.

“When that happens, and there’s no reason to buy a console, then the only people who are gonna buy consoles (PlayStations) are the people that wanna play Sony proprietary first party content”

Pachter explained how Sony was heading on a path of innovation by introducing new services like PlayStation Now and PlayStation Vue as well as free games and more exclusive content, and that. He suggest that Sony continue following the same path by offering players more than just a traditional gaming console. But if players were to get the same content and more without spending on a separate and just using a PC or phone, then that would be the more attractive option: “I think what Sony’s gonna have to do is make the console do more. And they’re headed that way. So PlayStation Now, PlayStation Vue, lots of free games for players, maintaining a robust network, having indie games that are available only on PlayStation. That’s what they have to do.”

“But if the cost to get all that stuff is 400 bucks plus 5 bucks a month, and (but if) you can play without a console so no 400 bucks, so not as many people are gonna do it”

In the end, Pachter predicted that the console market will soon fall as a whole, as every upcoming console generation is half as successful or big as the last. In the future, very few (i.e lazy or rich) people will actually bother buying a console. Therefore, Sony won’t actually lose market dominance, but will suffer due to the end of the console era.

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