Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle Review: Much More Than A Turn Based RPG



Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle recently came out for the Nintendo Switch , and despite a slight learning curve it manages to entertain.

Before the release of Nintendo Switch there was skepticism as to the software that would be available post launch, and whether Nintendo Switch games would be able to compete with the graphical superiority of PS4 and Xbox One titles. Zelda: BOTW certainly managed to defy most critics and it was an indication of what was to come as a slew of amazing titles are coming out on the Nintendo Switch. One such exclusive is Mario+Rabbids Kingdom battle which I had the fortune of playing recently.

The game is a crossover between the Mario and The Raving Rabbids franchise and takes place in the Mushroom Kingdom. The premise (minor spoilers ahead) sees the Mushroom Kingdom overrun with Rabbids due to the SupaMerge Helmet. In the start you play as Mario , Rabbid Princess Peach and Rabbid Luigi . The combat is turned based and it will initially take you an hour or so to come to grips with the in game setting.

As you play along the universe in which the game is set in will grow on you. The Rabbids with their antics serve as a perfect foil to the slightly more serious Mario. Throughout the game their antics  serve as the perfect anecdote, as Mario and his team set forth to retrieve the SupaMerge Helmet. You are also assisted in your adventures by Beep-O, who acts as a guide throughout your adventures.

This is one of the few games  since X-COM that has really grasped the essence of turn based combat. You start out with three heroes and then can mix and match your party as you go along. The in game action is well balanced , and there are a variety of different moves and special skills that you can utilize.

The Skill Trees  have been well thought out and represent traditional RPG’s where you can allocate points to gain a new attack skill, special skill or other in game skills. However the weapons in the game at times do seem a bit limited and perhaps a tad bit more attention should have be given to personalization, but at this point this would just be nit picking.

Character progression is something which is also a bit disappointing. There are no traditional experience points which can guide you through your character progression, and at times it bothers me that there is no way to know if your character is making any progress within the game. I believe this might stem from the number of years I have spent playing classical RPG’s and this is why it bothers me a bit.

If you pre-ordered the game you also get a Pixel pack which is basically a in game 8 bit weapons for the characters. They made the first few stages of the game a breeze for me.

Overall Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle much like other Nintendo titles released for the Switch is a well balanced and entertaining entry which reminds us that video games are supposed to be played for fun.