Nintendo Switch Might Get GTA V And Red Dead Redemption



We take a look at the possibility of Red Dead Redemption and GTA V on Nintendo Switch.

After Nintendo’s consistent beat down at the hands of Sony and Microsoft in the gaming world, it finally came up with a new and innovative product, the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch breathed new life into Nintendo giving it a new ray of life. A few days earlier, Tatsumi Kimishima expected sales to touch 37 million units by April 2019. Kimishima also believed the product to have potential to cross Wii’s 30 million mark. How exactly is the company going to achieve this milestone? Let’s find out.

It seems Nintendo has finally found a strategy to meet its optimistic 30 million unit sales by next year. The strategy seems fair and simple. Nintendo is formulating deals with game developers to bring their titles on their platforms. Earlier, Nintendo managed to form an alliance with Bethesda, bringing in Doom and Wolfenstein to its platform. Now, according to Desvergeban    Nintendo seems to have struck gold with a possible alliance with Rock Star Studios.

Yes, you heard us correct. With Rock Star on board games like Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption can be part of the platform, capturing interests from a wider audience base. Grant Theft Auto is a game that has sold 70 million copies world wide. It’s a must have game when you buy your gaming console. With games like these on board, Nintendo’s popularity levels might just go over the roof.

The news however is only just a rumor. Nintendo and Rockstar haven’t made any official statement up till now. But, from the face of it, Desvergeban’s word seems pretty authentic. He earlier predicted the advent of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Injustice 2 and considering Nintendo’s rather sanguine optimistic this is the only go to strategy.