The Idea Of A God Of War Soft Reboot Initially Garnered A Lot Of Criticism Says Cory Barlog

Kratos god of war


God of War is probably going to be one of the biggest titles of 2018. However according to Santa Monica Studio’s Cory Barlog it initially faced a lot of criticism. Barlog who is now back working at SIE Santa Monica revealed that there was skepticism regarding the idea of a God Of War reboot.

Speaking to the Official PlayStation UK Magazine Issue # 140 Cory mentioned that the game was widely criticized when it was first shown off and a lot of people believed that it wasn’t a “God of War” game due to multiple reasons.

“Just a lot of people were very doubtful of what we were going to do. “This is not God of War, this is going to fall flat, this is really bad”.  I said: “Look, I believe in this and if it falls flat, it falls flat, I’m just going to be fully leaping off the cliff”.

It’s not like I begrudge them for having that fear because they are very worried that no one’s going to get this and everyone is going to think that this was just ill-advised. But I think that E3 2016 demo bolstered everybody and ignited their spirit and enthusiasm.”

Sure there might have been a small chance that it got the Mass Effect Andromeda treatment , and it may have in turn destroyed a brilliant franchise.But from what we have seen so far that doesn’t seem to be the case and God Of War by all accounts seems to be a game that will be a fan and critic favorite.

Barlog really thinks that this new take on the character (Kratos). Not only that, but there will be choices taken by Kratos that will shape him and Atreus throughout the game.
“As you move through the game you make choices about what you, or Kratos, wants for Atreus, about how you’re going to develop each of these characters. “
Cory related this idea to “parenting” and this is the level of immersion that Santa Monica are hoping to achieve in the game. It will be an interesting take considering that this is the first time Kratos will actually have to worry about someone rather than himself. This interesting new dynamic is what will set it apart from the previous God Of War games.
God of War will return with it’s wrath and fury, now in Norse mythology, in the first quarter of 2018. Be sure to stay tuned for more on everything God of War!