The Last Of Us Part II: Theory Sheds Some Light On Possible Story Details

The Last Of US Part 2

We know that The Last Of Us Part II will feature time jumping , which essentially means that we will be able to witness both past and present events from the perspective of the character, which in this case is Ellie.

There has also been speculation regarding The Last Of Us Part II’s story and what actually happens which inspires Ellie to go on a rage filled tirade.  There have been a couple of interesting theories , however perhaps the most interesting one has perhaps come from Breakthrough Gaming .

The theory in question concerns David. Now those of you who have played the original The Last Of US will know that he appears as a leader of cannibalistic survivors and is the primary antagonist for Ellie during the Winter Chapter.

Now when David and Ellie are facing off against each other in the Diner to conclude the Winter chapter a Machete can be seen on David’s back .The Machete is question has a slightly curved handle as seen below.

Now if you notice the same curved handled machete can also be found in The Last Of Us Part II’s teaser trailer, in the room where Ellie can be seen strumming her guitar. Here is a picture for reference.

Now it is entirely possible that this just might be a huge coincidence , however there are certain other indications which seem to suggest that David might somehow be relevant to The Last Of Us Part II’s story.

In the original game David is seen trying to be a mentor of sorts to Ellie , and if you have played the game you will be aware that it is heavily implied that David actually tried to rape Ellie , before she proceeded to hack him down at the diner. However before that David and Ellie fight off the infected , and while complimenting Ellie with her skill with a Rifle David says these words ” Everything Happens For A Reason”.

Now months before The Last Of Us Part II was announced Neil Druckmann in an interview with Gamespot talked about his next game , and if you know anything about Druckmann you will know that he is famous for leaving little hints and Easter Eggs. Here is what he had to say.

“But that’s interesting and it’s interesting in that I think about the story I’m working on right now; [that theme is] definitely there. I think a lot of times because I think about myself or other human beings and what are the events that have shaped us? What are kind of the choices that have defined who we are and have led us to this place?

“I think it’s also tied to human nature or human choice versus destiny. Having grown up not in a very religious home, but where religion was a big part of it, and this concept that everything happens for a reason,” he added. “Even when horrible things happen, like in our family or to friends, you would hear this statement: ‘everything happens for a reason.’

Even though David is presumably dead , I think the concept of time jumping might play an extremely important role here , as he will be appearing in some capacity. One of our editors  had this wacky theory regarding  David actually being Ellie’s father , with him having raped Ellie’s mother, but I believe that might be a bit far-fetched . Recent rumors have suggested that the story will focus around Ellie and Joel uncovering some new details about their past which impacts their future, and it is also speculated that rape is going to be an integral part of the story , and recent on set photos even indicated the presence of a baby , have a look.


Then there is the fact during a Metrocon panel in 2015 Nolan North the man behind the voice of David was asked about whether he had more projects with Naughty Dog. He responded by saying that for now all he knows is that they are doing The Last Of Us 2 , but we will see how it comes along as his character met an untimely demise in the first game.

Hence I do believe that all signs do point towards David making an appearance in The Last Of US Part II, however it will be interesting to see in just what capacity he does appear, and whether or not rape is actually a central motif of the story.