PS4 Exclusive God Of War 4’s Marketing Starts Early In Spain

God Of War

God Of War 4 is one of the most highly anticipated titles of PS4 , and it seems that its marketing might have started early in Spain. This Sunday is Fathers Day in Spain and the billboard in question says somewhere along the lines of “My Dad’s Better Than Your’s”

Have a look at the image down below.



Many believe that God Of War 4 is coming out in March 2018. However there are little tidbits of information that seem to suggest that the game might well come out in 2017. Such as the fact that Cory Barlog and the folks at Santa Monica have already completed the first playthrough.

Kratos God Of War 4

Then there is the fact that the voice of Kratos Christopher Judge has also listed he will be voicing Kratos in God Of War 2017 on his Twitter page.

This might be stretching things a bit , but the timing of these ad’s are interesting to say the very least. God Of War 4 will undoubtedly be a system seller for the PS4, and it is a bit strange to see it’s advertisements popping up potentially months in advance of the game’s launch.

We don’t normally see commercials for game’s that are months or potentially years away from release so can it be possible that the rumors were indeed true, and that God OF War 4 will be releasing before the end of the year 2017?

Sony has recently done away with announcing release dates well before time , so that there isn’t a “hoopla” in case a game is delayed , but the timing on this is interesting to say the very least. I believe though the game will be released in its traditional time frame of March 2018, and we might get to see some gameplay footage come E3.

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