Did God Of War 4’s Voice Actor Seemingly Confirm A 2017 Release For The Game?

God Of War

God Of war 4 is perhaps the most anticipated title for the PS4. Previously we got to know that the game might be much closer to completion as back in December Cory Barlog and co , had finished shooting the game’s motion capture scenes.

We also found out in December that the developers  at Santa Monica Studio had also completed its first play through  and hence many of us started speculating that the game might well be released in 2017.


Well to add fuel to the fire , there appears to be an info that was remarkably  hiding in plain site , and yet none of us noticed it for so long. Recently I was surfing the net when something caught my eye, it was the Twitter profile of the voice actor Christopher Judge, who is going to provide the voice of Kratos in God Of War 4.

His bio  mentions  that he will be providing the voice of Kratos in God Of War (2017). The emphasis here should be given to the year 2017 he has written in the bracket. Here is a screenshot attached below of his Twitter page

Could this mean that the game is indeed scheduled for a 2017 release? , or is Christopher simply referring to the fact that he is scheduled to provide his voice for the dubbing of Kratos’s part in the year 2017. I think the former is much more probable , but that is just my opinion on the matter .If the recent news are anything to go by I think we can safely assume that God Of War 4 is going to be released in 2017. As always this is nothing but a rumor and must be taken as such.

So do you think that we will see Kratos on our screens before the end of 2017? Let us know by commenting in the comments section below.