Sony’s Santa Monica Studio Job Posting Suggests God Of War 4 May Have Multiplayer

Kratos god of war

Sony’s Santa Monica Studios is famous for the God Of War saga, with God Of War 4 also rumored to be  coming out somewhere around late 2017 , or March 2018 .

If you cast your mind back to E3 2016 it was explicitly stated that God Of War 4 or if you would like to call it God Of War as in the soft reboot , would only be single player. However a recent job posting which has made its way on to the internet seems to suggest  that God Of War 4 may be getting a multiplayer , that or either the devs are working on a supposed new IP.

And Although this is pure speculation , it does raise an interesting question of why would they need a senior multiplayer programmer? Since they have recently sold of their Indie games department to Annapurna , and more importantly the job posting suggests that the incumbent will be joining the team behind the successful God Of War games. Here is the complete description of the said job posting which you can read in detail on Gamasutra


Senior Multiplayer Programmer

Santa Monica Studio is seeking a Senior Multiplayer Programmer to join our team behind the critically acclaimed God of War games.

We value talent, self-motivation, and team spirit. In turn, we provide an environment with a large degree of freedom and autonomy.

You are a multiplayer coder – that’s your thing. You know both the back and front ends, and understand the tech and the architecture. And you want all players to have the best possible shared experience, because you are one of them.

And you are talented and motivated, with tons of initiative. You get things done. Sound interesting? If so, give us a shout

So do you believe that God Of War 4 will have a multiplayer , or the folks at Santa Monica Studio working or something brand new? Let us know by commenting in the comments section below