Very Few Games Will Support The Xbox One Scorpio At Launch , And They May Not Run In 4K Says Pachter

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In the latest episode of Pachter Factor Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter while answering a question regarding whether he saw Sony upgrading its hardware to compete with the Scorpio ,said that he does not see Sony doing such a thing and that the Xbox One Scorpio will go by the same rules as PS4 Pro.

He also went on to say that every game on the PS4 Pro has to be backwards compatible with the PS4 , likewise Xbox One Scorpio games will have to be backwards compatible with the Xbox One.

Furthermore he went on to say that he thinks that very few games will support the Xbox One at launch , however he also went on to say that games which support PS4 Pro will definitely support Scorpio. He also believes that the games might not run at 4K ., but the games nonetheless will look sharper on your 4K display.

He went on to say that he believes that the PS4 Pro is not a true 4K console , but a high definition and high dynamic variant of it . Pachter also believes that he PS5 will come out somewhere around 2019 or 2020 , and the Xbox 2 will follow suit. What that means is that we will be getting a new console after a cycle of 3 years.

Pachter’s predictions in the past have been bit of a mixed bag , with many believing that he has the penchant to say something rather obvious. Like  the time he said that Sony has the best first party lineup than anybody else, yet we know for a fact that the Scorpio will be the most powerful console in existence. However there is still a debate regarding true 4K , and while Pachter believes the Pro is not a true 4K console , he is also suggesting  that might also be the case with Scorpio.

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