Two Months After Release For Honor Steam Reviews Are “Mostly Negative”


For Honor was released two months ago , and at launch it was praised for its brilliant combat mechanics and lauded by most critics, media publications and fans . It seemed that the game would indeed have a very bright future.

However the game has recently been receiving a lot of negative reviews on Steam , and the reason for this is the developers  inability to solve the longstanding issues that plague the game. At the time of writing this For Honor has nearly 4000 negative reviews. With just over 16000 mixed opinions, which needless to say does not make for good reading for developers Ubisoft Montreal.

For Honor’s biggest problem by far is its unstable connection , you may be in the middle of an epic and brutal contest and can be disconnected from the game and left frustrated beyond measure. This is a problem that refuses to go away , and is a major hurdle for existing players . Some of whom have even complained of being booted from the game at any given moment.

Secondly there is also a balancing issue. When the game was first released the general consensus was that the game’s classes were almost equally balanced. However as players got immersed into the For Honor world they found out that wasn’t the case. With the most infamous incident being the banning of the Peacekeeper from private tournaments.

Finally there is also an issue of grinding , with a recent estimation concluding that it would take an average of two years for layers to unlock every item in the shop. This led Ubisoft to increase the amount of steel which is the in-game currency.

For Honor has its fair share of problems, and hence it comes as no surprises that it is now at the receiving end of the criticism. Let us know if you have had to face the same problems , by commenting in the comments section below.