Far Cry 5 Dev Talks About How The Game Actually Wound Up Resembling Current Events


Far Cry 5 has been announced and it also got a reveal trailer not so long ago. Ubisoft’s latest addition to it’s action-packed FPS series is going to America this time around and tackling a rather controversial topic. The game will take us to Hope County, a fictionalized area in America where we would have to fight against religious cultists to free Montana from their cruel reign.

There has also been a mock change.org petition going around  which supposedly makes fun of the fact of how most people in the US are actually offended of the antagonists who just so happen to be Caucasian males , and supposedly depict white Neo-Nazi’s. While the petition might have been sarcastic it has as of writing this gotten 1216 supporters, and I am guessing the majority of those might not be aware of the satirical nature of the pledge .



Dan Hay, executive producer at Ubisoft Montreal, talks to Glixel about the research that his team did in Montana for the game and how the situation that the game portrays actually resembles current events. Cults, especially religious cults, have been known to be an infestation in modern-day America and around the world so Dan says that it’s actually weird to see how their game (that usually depicts evil on a unbelievable spectrum) actually relates to stuff that is happening today!


“Strange is a good word to describe it. This thing has been in the oven for two and a half years and our eyes were on the product, focused on delivering. When you look up, pull your head out of the sand and kind of look around and go “wait a minute, there’s some of the same feelings.” Sometimes when you’re working on something you expect to walk outside and walk out of the building and feel something completely different. When the temperature is similar, it’s weird and strange.”


Dan explained how he had changed throughout the course of time while working on the Far Cry series and how “preppers” had changed from social jokers to prominent people that were upholding the cause.


“When there’s an industry to support this, when you see that there are real estate brokers that sell this stuff, you realise that the language of it is more real than you thought.”


The more people that were getting in on it, the more it is being considered important and realistic.


When asked about how the more serious tone of the game is going to add to the series’ well-known mayhem, Dan stated that they were going for a equally balanced experience between both of them.


“In this game we want to be able to create action bubbles so if you want to go and have a moment that is deep and earnest and in the story, go and do it. If you want to go out and just blow shit up go and do that too.”

I think its important we take Far Cry 5 as an art form and nothing more than a fictional account made in order for the story to progress.


The game is set for release on February 27,2018 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Let us know if you’re as excited as us for Far Cry 5 in the comments section below, stay tuned for more!