Cory Barlog Rubbishes Claims Of A God Of War Delay

God Of War


Its pretty much a given that God Of War will be appearing in some sort of a capacity at E3 2017. Any doubts that anyone might have had are slowly vanishing thanks to the most recent ad that went up in LA. Here is the pic of the said ad.

Like most of you I am excited for the revamped God Of War , and it will be interesting to see the dynamic between Kratos and his son Atreus. However there are some who believe that the game will be delayed well past January of 2018. Here is what one NeoGAF user Shogmaster had to say.

“I totally stand by what I said since it’s true. And what I said last time was that the reveal “demo” they showed was not even a working game code then. It was just a scripted proof of concept. With the reaction from E3, they decided to go ahead in that direction.

Anyways, you will know soon enough that I’m telling you more truth. It’s gonna miss this holiday and next January by many months. “

When another fan inquired about the delay and whether there was any truth to what was being said, SIE’s Cory Barlog rubbished  the claims. Here is what he had to say about the whole thing.

I doubt if there is any truth to what Shogmaster is saying as previously Barlog has himself confirmed that the game is playable from start to finish and furthermore they are preparing for some sort of announcement which I believe will be a story trailer and release date come E3 2017 . Hence it will come as a huge shock if  God Of War is released beyond March of 2018.

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