Project Scorpio Website Updated To View Schematics Of The Console

Project Scorpio

Microsoft has revamped the Project Scorpio website with a cool run-down schematic of what’s inside the console. There are diagrams explaining each part to those who are interested in the inners about Microsoft’s latest console.

The specs had been revealed recently and they were quite remarkable in terms of pure performance. The console is confirmed to play games at 4k 60 frames per second with the specs that it boasts. It certainly holds up to the title of the of the most powerful console ever.

The diagrams explains each of the major 4 parts inside the console:

1) Scorpio Engine – Features 6 Teraflops, 326GB/s Memory Bandwidth and advanced, custom silicon.  Microsoft calls the Scorpio Engine “The most powerful gaming processor ever created.” The engine is capable of what Microsoft lists as “True 4K Gaming” powered by the 12GB GDDR5 Memory.

2) Vapor Chamber –  Scorpio’s Vapor Chamber uses an advanced liquid cooling system to keep the console cool.

3) Centrifugal Fan – The fan works in tandem with the Vapor Chamber to keep the console cool, pulling in and compressing air.

4) Hovis Method – The internal power supply for the console, which uses the Hovis Method is described as a cutting edge digital power deliver system that custom tunes each console’s voltage.

All of that is also coupled with a 4k UHD Blu-ray/DVD player along with a 1TB HDD that perfectly goes with the console considering the huge size of games these days.

There is still no word about how much the Scorpio will cost but it is rumored to be around $499 as it is a suitable price point. It is expected to release during Holiday season this year but there isn’t a confirmed date yet. With Amazon already listing the console online, it won’t be long till the price and pre order is confirmed for Project Scorpio.

  • Rotty

    It’s a big pile of dogshite. Just the usual throw more muscle and it will solve everything tax from the good old dinosaur called MS.

    • BALL¥N

      Lets fuck.

    • Anubisseesall

      same thing as the original Xbox, tons of power but a weak library of software compared to its largest competitor. MS had the best hardware vs PS2 and it still lost big time. Not seeing much to change that outcome this time either

  • RetroAyyar

    Scorpio looks amazing. Ms is back!:)

  • pskunt

    Im gonna buy I want a nice VR machine that isnt the uber laggy ps VR

  • potedude

    “2) Vapor Chamber – Like a powerful the Scorpio’s Vapor Chamber uses an advanced liquid cooling system”
    Like a powerful what?