Insomniac Up For A Sunset Overdrive 2 If It can Find a Suitable Publisher



Sunset Overdrive is truly one of those games that deserves a sequel and players have been asking for it since such a long time. Insomniac said that they are definitely up for it if Microsoft decides for it to actually happen, the studio needs a publisher if they want to start development on a potential Sunset Overdrive 2 and they have stated this recently.

This news was confirmed when Insomniac replied to a fan on twitter regarding the question for a possible Sunset Overdrive sequel to which they said that they are ready for the project if a publisher feels to back them up. If Microsoft wanted for a sequel to happen, it would’ve happened already so it is fairly clear that they are not interested in the idea (or even if they are, they haven’t felt the need to start for it right now).

Another thing that the studio talked about related to the game was if it was coming to the Xbox One X (as an enhanced game) or not. The studio denied anything regarding that: “nope, no plans on that front right now. Just playing the game cause Brandon was available and we wanted to have him over”. It might be possible for it to happen in the near future but as of right now, there isn’t any work being done on it.


Insomniac also stated that a PC port would be great too but, like the former issue, they need Microsoft to be on-board for it as they simply cannot put out a Steam version without their permission. And according to earlier reports, Microsoft isn’t keen on a PC version. Hence It seems Sunset Overdirve, or a Sunset Overdrive 2 will not make it’s way to the PC in the near future.

Insomniac Games is currently actively working on their highly anticipated Spider Man exclusive for the PS4, which the studio confirmed that it will be huge in terms of size and content.

However it would be amazing if we could get a potential Sunset Overdrive 2, and I am sure that it is something that a lot of us want to happen.