Shannon Loftis Thinks They Have Good Enough Xbox One Exclusives Lineup



Microsoft has been the victim of criticism regarding it’s exclusive library since quite a long time now.  With the upcoming release of their Xbox One X, the company was accused of focusing solely on raw performance rather than building up a worthwhile library for their players. While on the other hand, Sony has had an amazing year of exclusives with the likes of Nioh, Horizon: Zero Dawn and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy with many, many more to come (God of War, Spiderman, The Last of Us 2).

Xbox’s executive Shannon Loftis, the person responsible for leading Publishing for first-party titles, said that she is confident for their lineup for the year of Xbox one exclusives lineup 2017 and that they have much more to announce as the year progresses.

“I think our offering is good and it is solid. I definitely hear that gamers want more. Would we love to have two-dozen more super-strong, absolutely exclusives? You bet,……We do have more coming; more that are in the works that we’re not talking about now. But I feel good about what we have to offer for the launch [of Xbox One X].”

Microsoft’s Xbox One Exclusives Lineup this year included Forza Motorsport 7, Cuphead, Super Lucky’s Tale while PUBG is coming to their Xbox One lineup on December 12 as a “console launch exclusive” much like how Rise of the Tomb Raider was.  The availability of these games on PC makes a lot of people question why one would buy an Xbox One X in the first place if they can just play all of them on PC, with much better performance.

“Regarding [Xbox Play Anywhere] and games being available on PC, I may be out in left field but I do not see how offering games on more platforms to more gamers is a bad thing necessarily, particularly in a multiplayer scenario,” This is what Shannon had to say about the Xbox Play Anywhere formula.

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