The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Outsold Nintendo Switch


The Legend Of Zelda BOTW was one of the standout games for the year 2017, and the console which it was released on Nintendo Switch has also enjoyed  great success and since its release  the console has outsold even the heavyweights PS4 and Xbox One.  It would be fair to say the launch game which made it such a success The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and it has proven to be a great asset for  the company.

However, the sales numbers of both the products have brought up a very fascinating question. Nintendo Switch has sold around 906,000 units and Breath of the Wild has sold around 925,000 copies; can you notice something? So basically, Switch version of Zelda has sold more copies than the console itself.

It is a bit peculiar and it is not something that you see all the time. But how is this even possible? There even are some explanations for this.

A lot of Nintendo fans that are crazy collectors of games and they do not back off from purchasing more than one copy of a game at once. There is a possibility that many users of Nintendo Switch bought two copies of the game. Among passionate games, purchasing two copies is not at all odd as they will use one for playing and the other for their collection.

Another explanation is that several people got their hands on the game prior to picking up the console. If you ask, why then it may probably because of early shortage of Nintendo Switch consoles, the possibility is that they bought the game while waiting for the restock of the console.

Still this is a phenomenal achievement one which should not be overlooked , and hence The Legend Of Zelda BOTW does deserve all the plaudits that are coming its way.