Yooka-Laylee Hacks To Find Shovel Knight & Claim the Jewel!


Here are a few tips and cheats in Yooka-Laylee to learn how to complete the quest given to Yooka and Laylee by the great Shovel Knight.

Once you have expanded Tribalstack Tropics the level increases and many new zones open up. An area comprises of an iconic indie-game figure called Shovel Knight and his is recognized by most from the initial game, Shovel Knight, by Yacht Club Games. Following this article, you will be taught how to look for Shovel Knight Easter egg in Yooka-Laylee and how to reach the temples top and get the jewel which Shovel Knight has been so long, yearning for.

How to Find Shovel Knight in Yooka-Laylee

As it has already been mentioned above, Shovel Knight can only be discovered once the player has enlarged Tribalstack Tropics, the games primary level. Post-expansion of the level, go back inside and up the ramp from spawn and head up rightwards at the wooden ramp. Once you have done so, you will enter a zone with a skeleton explorer inside a pot. You need to pass this and go around the path which curves around the mountain. It isn’t going to take you too long in order to find the Blue Burrower right in front of you at the path.

You must speak to Shovel Knight in order to figure out that he is in search of a jewel which is placed up above the temple behind him. However, he is unable to reach it and he needs your help. If you help him, you will receive a secret from him that will be the answer to your success in any adventure, and also toss in a Pagie for your miseries.

How to Reach the Top of the Temple in Yooka-Laylee

Once you have found Shovel Knight and conversed with him, it’s time for you to reach atop the mountain to claim the jewel for him. In order to do so, you must cross the bridge and begin going upwards to the path which circles around the temple. The very first section of the area is wooden which moves when Yooka and Laylee step up on them and in order to cross it without falling, you must jump onto the first platform and seesaw it till you are able to jump to the next one. After this, jump to the landing which will take you to the next section.

The second section is a path that is similar as the first one. In order to cross it you must jump on the seesaw platform and wait for it to be high up near to the ledge on which you must jump after running. The second part of the second section is more difficult to finish since it needs to time your Slurp Shot in the perfect way. If the Slurp Shot isn’t with you then you need to go back down and buy it from Trowzer for 30 Quills. After purchasing the Slurp Shot, go back to the second section and then munch on the frozen berries which you can find on the right, you must shoot one of the frozen berries at the button at your right of the revolving platform to make it halt; this requires more than one tries to perfect.

Now you are on the third section of the path which is, obviously, more difficult than the last one (that’s how it works, up one level and you’re kinda sorta in a difficult position). This is the last one and it has three platforms in every section. Gladly, you only need to deal with one switch; hence, you must keep some berries from the busy nearby and then hit the switch with a Slurp Shot to initiate the revolving of the platforms. It is recommended that you concentrate on the middle platform and line it up correctly which will line the other two, perfectly.

After lining the platforms, lock them by again, shooting them with a Slurp Shot and then you must climb up on them to reach the second section of the third path. Typically, things are going to get tougher and so you must take your sweet time and have patience.

Once again, on the second section of the third path, you will see three platforms, however, they’re already set up on their own switches so what you need to do is line them up one by one. The crates on your right must be destroyed after which you need to go down the wooden bridge and slurp up the frozen berries. After you are locked and loaded, the bottom left-most switch must be hit on in order to trigger the platform towards your farther left side.

Once the first platform is in its place, grab some more frozen berries and hit the switch that is placed on the far right to lineup the top platform. After this, you only have the middle platform remaining and this switch is going to be tricky and difficult because it moves sideways. You need to lineup your shot and wait for the platform to reach the perfected area and shoot! It will probably take you a few minutes and few tries.

FINALLY, you’ve reached atop at the temple and you can take Shovel Knight’s jewel and give it to him. Two enemies, however, are awaiting your arrival here so you must battle against them.

There are several bushes nearby so you can grab berries off them and shoot them on the eyes of both the enemies which will make them unconscious. While they’re at it, lay into them with your Slurp Shot and the coast will be clear!

You can grab a few more berries for your Slurp Shot, just in case you need them to shoot at the left eye of the temples statue to get your hands on the massive jewel. Knock down the jewel with a berry and then pick it back up. Now all you need to do is give the jewel to Shovel Knight and be rewarded. Go back down the temple path and turn in the jewel to unlock a new Pagie to learn the secret of success to any adventure.

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