Yearly Earnings Report: Nintendo Switch And Zelda Sales Rising, Zelda Outselling Switch


The Nintendo Switch had a great start, with the console becoming Nintendo’s fastest selling home console. According to Nintendo’s latest earnings report for this fiscal year, the Switch is still selling like hotcakes. The hybrid console has shipped 2.74 million units and 5.46 million games since March.

By far the most popular game for the Switch, Zelda: Breath of The Wild, is selling at a phenomenal rate. The game has sold 3.84 million units total worldwide, with 2.76 million of them on the Switch and the remaining 1.08 million on the Wii U. 1-2 Switch was also mentioned in the report, with Nintendo stating the game is ‘generating buzz’, but no sales figures were included.

Nintendo predicts the Switch will continue its hot streak, and are expecting to ship 10 million more consoles and 35 million games in this fiscal year.

Coming to the 3DS, game sales were still very strong with a stunning total of 55.08 million 3DS games sold. Those specifically mentioned by Nintendo are Pokemon Sun and Moon, with combined sales of 15.44 million, Super Mario Maker for 3DS with 2.34 million units and Kirby: Planet Robobot with 1.36 million units.

3DS sales are also on the rise. The immensely popular handheld has sold 7.27 million units this fiscal year, an increase of 7 percent. This brings total 3DS sales to an unreal 66 million units, with Nintendo stating it sees the handheld console as ‘a platform that we can rely on for software sales’.

The Wii-U, however, is a different story entirely. The console has had a dramatic downfall, selling only 760,000 units. That is a decrease of 77 percent. However, this fall was expected due to the launch of the Nintendo Switch. Game sales have also dropped dramatically, with only 14.8 million Wii U games sold: a decrease of 46 percent.

As far as sales are concered, the Wii U is now a dead console. Over the past 3 months the console has sold a grand total of……. 0 units. Yes, zero. So it’s safe to say 13.56 million units is the final lifetime to date sales number for the Wii U. Rest in peace, you had a good run while it lasted.