Xbox’s Phil Spencer : Says” Never Say Never” To Backwards Compatibility

Xbox One

Backwards compatibility was a feature which was first introduce in November 2015, and since then it has gone on to become one of the best features of the Xbox . With the rumored Game Mode for Windows 10  many fans have been wondering whether the popular feature might also be making its way too the PC.

January was a massive month for Backwards Compatibility with 18 titles added so far however there has been no announcement for the titles to be released for February.

Responding on Twitter Xbox’s head huncho Phil Spencer was of the opinion that this might be a tricky task, but one which he would not rule out completely. This is what he had to say when responding to a fan’s query.

This would be a tough task as the  Xbox One has a locked spec, whereas the PC environment is far more varied when it comes to configurations. “Running [backwards compatibility] reliably on all the different PC [hardware] configs would be a lot more work than [Xbox One],” Spencer said. He added: “But never say never.”

It does seem like the next logical step as Microsoft looks to merge the eco-systems of both Xbox One and the PC. They took a step forth with these plans by introducing the Play Anywhere feature .


In other news Spencer also responded to Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan’s recent comments regarding the use of a keyboard and mouse , and how it presented an unfair advantage to the players.

Here is what he had to say about the matter.

There are divided opinions on the whole Overwatch controversy , however I believe a future where backwards compatibility may yet arrive is one which everyone can get behind.

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