Xbox Will Be The Marketing Partner For Middle-earth: Shadow Of War

Shadow Of War paywall

The latest game adaptation spanning from Lord of the Rings titled ‘Middle-earth: Shadow of War”, will have Xbox as a marketing partner and this news has been confirmed by the marketing director Aaron Greenberg.

On Twitter, Greenberg said through NeoGAF that the fans can search for many Xbox and Scorpio branding for Shadow of War.

This actually does not come as a surprise since Microsoft was included in the announcement made in the previous week for Shadow of War’s which officially confirmed that it is an Xbox Play Anywhere title for Xbox One and PC. The game can be played on Scorpio just like all Xbox One games.

The technical director of Shadow of Wars, Matt Allen spoke to TechRadar who said that the developer Monolith’s working relationship with Microsoft has been ‘fantastic’. Both the establishments have their basis in Seattle. Whereas, for Scorpio, Matt said:

“So far, we really like it. I don’t know how much they’ve revealed the specs, but it is an upgrade. It’s not just sort-of, ‘We’re going to upgrade some stuff.’ There’s things you can do with it. So, we’re pretty excited to be working with them specifically. Until you’ve seen the game at 4K and HDR, it’s a different … you can watch it [in HDR] for a while, and after seeing it for a couple of months, you normalize it,” he added. “Then you go back to not looking at it [HDR], and it actually is really different.”

The launch date for Shadow of War is August 22 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. It is going to have enhanced versions available as well for Scorpio and PS4 Pro.