Xbox Scorpio Won’t Suffer From Compatability Problems Like The PS4 Pro

Project Scorpio

New details are rolling in about Microsofts upcoming premium console, the Xbox Scorpio. Dubbed the ‘most powerful console ever’, the Xbox Scorpio promises to have very powerful specs, enough to run games at 4k resolution.

But the Xbox Scorpios competitor, the PS4 Pro, launched with somewhat similar promises. But at launch, the console suffered from compatability issues with few games taking advantage of the consoles powerful hardware. We expected the same issues from Microsofts console, but according tk a new piece about the Xbox Scorpios developer kit, the console won’t suffer from the same issues.

Gamasutra recently got to check out the developer kit and conduct an interview with Microsoft, and produced the piece in question. One of the important points is that game developers can no longer ger away with developing one universal version of a game, since there won’t be just one set piece of hardware to work with. Console devs must now think like PC, as different players will own different version of the same console i.e Xbox One, Xbox Scorpio and Xbox One S.

We’ve already seen devs working this way with the release of the PS4 Pro. The recent addition of Boost Mode to the PS4 Pro means don’t developers don’t have to work as hard for a PS4 Pro port of games, but Boost Mode is shoddy at times and doesn’t always work well.

Microsoft, on the other hand, has taken a different approach. “You can just write to the original set of (Xbox One) requirements that we have today, and then we’ll do the work to make sure that it actually runs better. But (developers) don’t have to do any custom work for Scorpio” explained Kareem Choudhary, Xbox’s software engineering executive. This means Microsofts going to put up Xbox Scorpios beefed up hardware on the table and leave the decision to devs whether they want to take them into account or not.

“We’re just inviting people to come in and take advantage of it. In terms of requirements if they do decide to take advantage of it, we want that content to run, at minimum the same but ideally better than it does on the original Xbox One.”

We’ll have more details regarding the Xbox Scorpio, like it’s price, design and official name, during E3 this year. Till then, we’ll just have to be patient.