Xbox One Scorpio Will Be The Most Powerful Console Ever Created: Shadow Of War Dev

xbox one S

Ever since the Xbox One Scorpio’s announcement, Microsoft has claimed it is the most powerful console ever built. And now the Middle Earth: Shadow of War developer, Monolith Studios, has backed up these claims.

According to the games director, Shadow of War looked spectacular in 4k and HDR on the Xbox Scorpio, and now Monolith studio head, Kevin Stephens, has backed up Microsoft by claiming they haven’t lied about Scorpios power.


In a recent interview with GamesRadar, Kevin talked about Monoliths collaboration with Microsoft as well as the Scorpios hardware. “We’ve found nothing false about their claims about the hardware. As far as we can tell, it will be the most powerful console ever created when it launches – unless somebody has an announcement I don’t know about”, he said during the interview.

“I can’t speak for Microsoft, but from our point of view they seem very committed to, you know, if you buy an Xbox One, whether it’s a One, or an S, or a Scorpio you’re going to buy a game and play it on any of them. That seems very consistent with our experience of working on those platforms”.


Following the Xbox Scorpio’s announcement last year, Microsoft’s Phil Spence claimed the machine would be ‘the most powerful console ever created’ when it launches.  At the moment, Microsoft has maintained silence regarding the Xbox Scorpios specifications, but it is speculated that Microsoft will likely reveal its PS4 Pro competitor at this years E3 event. The console is set to release later this year.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War is the sequel to Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. The game is set in the Lord of The Rings, and will continue the story of Talion. The games publisher, Warner Bros., officially announced Shadow of War last month. The game will be marketed by Microsoft Studios, and is the first officially confirmed Xbox Scorpio game.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War will launch on 25th August for PS4, Xbox One and PC.