Xbox Scorpio Sales May Surpass Playstation 4’s in US


Microsofts biggest wish  might finally come true, as industry tracking firm NPD says Xbox Scorpio sales might boost total Xbox sales to surpass total PS4 sales in the US.

With the Xbox One Scorpio, Microsoft hopes to target a small demographic of players within the Xbox community. I call the number small because there are few players that would splurge 500 dollars on a new console just for a better resolution.


Other than the obvious hardware discrepancies among the two consoles, games compatability, as in what games would be compatible at launch could be a major factor that could affect both the Xbox One Scorpio and PS4 sales. Xbox boss Phil Spencer has already said plenty of games will be available for the Scorpio when it releases. All in all, the succes of Xbox One Scorpio could end up depending on whether there’s content for them when they launch.

This wouldn’t mark the first time Xbox would pull ahead of Playstation in terms of sales, as the Xbox One did outsell PS4 for several months in 2016.

The Xbox Scorpio could very well be a success if it manages to impress and live upto expectations, taking into consideration the success of it’s rival, the PS4 Pro. The consoles success coukd further be amplified by the games that are being ported to it, such the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

The Xbox One Scorpio currently doesn’t have a release date, but is slated for launch during the Holiday season this year. Microsoft will hopefully unviel the premium console along with all it’s details during E3 2017.