Xbox One Scorpio: Phil Spencer Wants TV’s to Support VRR and Freesync


Phil Spencer recently took to Twitter to answer queries about Xbox One Scorpio. Previously, new consoles simply increased the quality of games by giving hardware more juice than before. Recently, there are many characteristics and various things which are to improve player’s experience. Microsoft’s Xbox Project Scorpio does exactly this with some new things for the console space. It is going to allow for 4K resolution and HDR visuals and will support Freesync and variable framerates (VRR). However, in order to get the optimum benefit out of this, your TV must be compatible to Scorpio. The head of Xbox, Phil Spencer put out his thoughts on this.

Freesync is a version of AMD of the synchronizing technology which has been taken over the PC space. Such tech syncs up the graphic cards and monitor/TV just so the frames produced are displayed at the exact and correct refresh rate. It is a bit technical but basically, Freesync makes your TV and console support one another while displaying frames at the correct time for a seamless and hardware free experience. Alongside this is VRR, as explained by Phil Spencer, he said that right now, the TV/monitor is at a locked refresh rate and is displaying the latest image 60 times within a second or more. However, sometimes games run at intervals which are not compatible to your TV/monitor. With this explanation, what do you about Spencers thoughts? Here’s what he tweeted:

A fan butted in questioning how Sony is involved with producing some of the most huge and best TV in the market. Here’s what Spencer said to this fan:

“Gamers are making TV purchase decisions based on TVs capabilities and Gamers buying power is strong. We should work together as an industry.”

So now that we are to head to a team up between Microsoft and Sony, what do you think is going to come out of this?

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