Xbox Scorpio Graphics Differ From Current Generation Consoles Says Phil Spencer

xbox one S

As per the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, the Xbox Scorpio graphics will be notably varied than what everyone is seeing in the current consoles i.e. PS4 and PS4 Pro. This recent bit of tidbit came during the IGN Unlocked Show.

The Xbox One Scorpio has been spoken on a lot since it was initially revealed at E3 2016. Many have even said that it will be approximately as powerful as a gaming PC, letting its games to have outstanding resolution and frame rate.

Keeping in mind the fact that PS4 Pro has gained some criticism for some of its games not performing up to the mark on the Pro as compared to PS4, Microsoft has a chance to hit the ball out of the park.

Phil Spencer even said that the Scorpio will be released with other games which have not been announced, as of yet.

On the other hand, he said that the establishment will be more than able to take advantage of the Scorpio’s resolution and frame rate. Spencer also stated that they will most probably be hearing about some of these games at this year’s E3 which is going to begin in June.

Furthermore, keeping in mind the fact that PS has been constantly been outselling Microsoft when it comes to current generation consoles, the graphics of Xbox Scorpio and its resolution is actually good enough to draw most of the attention to the Scorpio . Maybe with a few exclusives though we could potentially see a winning combo.

The PS4 Pro, for now, does not really have many games to be able to promote its resolution. Many games that run on it must have a compatibility patch, and even after this, they sometimes are not nearly as good as games that were actually developed for it.

Games like Horizon: Zero Dawn is only one example and it was released last week only.

However Microsoft direly needs a win with Scorpio , because as it stands PS4 has been stealing the show with some breathtaking exclusives