Xbox Outperformed PS4 In December ; Nintendo Switch Took Top Spot Says Aaron Greenberg



Microsoft’s brand of Xbox consoles outshined its fierce competitor the PS4 last month. Both gaming consoles are mammoths when it comes to the gaming industry and are consistently competing against one another to outperform the other. While this report isn’t official and hasn’t been confirm by the NDP group, the current rumors circulating in the market, point Xbox one as the clear winner. The claim was also backed up by Xbox games marketing head, Aaron Greenberg.

Gaming companies have now come up with new and innovative strategies to boost sales and show attractive balance sheets. Companies now in addition to the conventional transition from Xbox to Xbox one or PS3 to PS4 have started producing variations in similar gaming consoles. Xbox’s recent success comes amid the release of the Xbox One X which is a modification and upgrade of the Xbox one series. The highly anticipated console allowed Microsoft to sway ahead of Sony in the month of December.

Despite being weaker in hardware specs it was Nintendo Switch which took the top spot yet again backed by it’s amazing software. Nintendo’s Nintendo Switch has managed to create quite the buzz this year and deserves all the success that is heading its way. A name which was on the verge of extinction reinvented themselves with the innovative Switch. The console managed to top the sales charts for quite a few months in early 2017, showing how resilience and hard work can finally pay off.  After selling more than 10 Million units in 2017 this year Nintendo have set their sights even higher and have estimated Switch to cumulatively sell at least 30 million units by the end of 2018.

The competition in the gaming console industry is becoming tougher and tougher by the minute and it’s great to see Nintendo finally getting the attention that it deserves. The only question now is whether the momentum will carry on in 2018? Let us know your opinions by commenting in the comments section below.