Xbox One Scorpio Is Now Named Xbox One X

xbox one S


Previously Geoff Keighley a renowned figure in the video game industry came forward and said that the Xbox One Scorpio would be priced at $499. Here is the tweet in question where he appears quite confident about the price in question.

We have all been speculating on what the price of the Xbox One Scorpio would be , and at $499 it seems it is a console that is well capable of being called a premium console while also retaining a certain edge over the competition as well. Recently a Best Buy Canada newsletter named it Xbox Scorpio , here is the image in question. Who would have thought that the working title would be good enough.Yet that was not enough and the rumors are true and the title of the console is Xbox One X which will launch on November 7.This was just announced by Phil Spencer at E3 2017

So while there has been no confirmation of the price we now know that the console will be known at Xbox One X . It is something we that was rumored before which you can find by clicking on the following link. Whats also impressive is the size of Xbox One X is smaller than Xbox One S

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