Xbox One X Pre-Orders Are Going Through The Roof

Xbox One X


Xbox have reached the pinnacle of sales the with the Xbox One X and its Project Scorpio Editon nearly selling out in most parts of the world on the day it was available for Pre-Order. It is also listed as top-seller on Amazon, and the Redmond based giants ought to be happy with the fact that the console’s hype is at an all time high.

Microsoft has been overwhelmed by the immense response from the community for the Xbox One X, and if you weren’t lucky enough to get the all special Project Scorpio Edition you can still get the standard edition next month it will also be available for Pre-Order.

Moreover if your interested in getting the Xbox One X and have no use of the older version of the console other than as a collector’s item Microsoft has a sweet deal to discard the old one and save a few bucks on the new one(talk about killing two birds with one stone) you can simply trade in your older console as credit for the Xbox One X , According to GameStop the Xbox One S 1TB will net you $200 and the base model will net you $100 the offer can also be availed after Pre-Order too for more details you should call a local store.

Keeping in mind Microsoft never planned for the Xbox One X to lead the sale this holiday season, as they had specifically designed the consoles for hardcore players or in other words those who would be able to pay the premium price so that they can enjoy the games they love. According to Microsoft they planned Xbox One S will be their volume seller as it had a more budget friendly price standing on $249 while the Behemoth that is the Xbox One X on a hefty price of $499 but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

This may have been the case it was seen that the Xbox One S is underperforming in terms of sales as the consumers were waiting for the Xbox One X and with the immense demand for it the company will keep on making the console to meet the demands says, Xbox Marketing General Manager Aaron Greenberg.

So it seems that the Xbox One X is performing really well contrary to most analysts opinions. However the challenge will be to sustain the level of sales after the holiday period subsides. Whether or not they are able to do that is another story , for now though the One X is off to a great start.