Xbox One X Comes Close To A High-End PC; Says Dev



The Xbox One X comes out on November 7 and Microsoft says that is is the “most powerful console ever made”. One of the games being released alongside the console is Super Lucky’s Tale which will be one of the first games to take full advantage of the One X’s enhanced hardware. The CEO of Playful Corp (Super Lucky’s Tale developers) Paul Bettner talked about how his experience was with the most powerful console to be ever made. He talked extensively to GameSpot regarding the capabilities of the Xbox One X and it’s place in the industry.

Paul Bettner said that the Xbox One X is similar to a high-end PC in terms of performance and is definitely capable of providing actual true 4k experiences for couch gaming.

“4K, 60 Hz on a device that’s small and low-cost, relatively speaking, compared to a high-end TV, is no joke. It’s not easy to hit that level of performance, just generally, consistently, so yeah; high-level, we’ve been really impressed with the raw horsepower of the box, but really, the overall architecture lets us tap into that and doesn’t get in the way of our game performance.”

Bettner believes that the Xbox One X is really going to change the console industry with what it brings to the table.

“Most of our developers have high-end PCs, and doing those initial builds, getting the game initially up and running around the E3 time frame on the Xbox Dev Kit that we have. Our expectation was, ‘Well, clearly we’re gonna have to change some things to get it to run as fast as it’s been running on our PCs,’ but [laughs] there was really very little that had to change. Almost right out of the box it was performing at the level of a high-end PC and that’s … I mean, people will see that when they get their hands on the box coming out in a few weeks, but it’s probably the closest Microsoft’s ever gotten to delivering true high-end PC performance in a console-type form factor.”, this is what Paul had to say when he was asked to compare the Xbox One X to a high-end PC.

Xbox One X pre-orders are live so be sure to get yourself a copy secured before stocks finish up. Stay tuned for more!