Xbox One X Would Not Have Been True 4K Had It Been Priced $399; Says Mike Ybarra

Xbox One X


Microsoft has labelled the Xbox One X the most powerful console ever made, and it is indeed a deserving title for the beefy 4k console. A lot of gamers were impressed with the console’s abilities as it can run games on a native 4k resolution and provide amazing performance, but the price tag is as big as it’s capabilities. Most people were surprised at the $499 price point of the Xbox One X and were quick to compare it to the PS4 Pro’s $399 price tag.


Mike Ybarra, an Xbox executive, recently explained why the Xbox One X just cannot be priced as low as $400 dollars as it does much more than the Pro in an interview with Polygon


“[at $399] we wouldn’t have been able to usher in 4K to the living room, and that was a design pillar for this box. There’s lots of goals in the program, from compatibility to everything. But one, let’s really usher in true 4K where developers don’t have to think about, ‘Wow, how do we stretch this and make it really work?’ We needed to deliver that to consumers. They asked us for uncompromised true 4K in the living room. And so we leveraged a lot of PC technology, from the cooling, the power management system that’s in this, to get it this small — while managing acoustics. That was the goal.”


Pricing the console at that price would hinder Microsoft to fulfill the promise of true 4k and thus that is why they have priced it at $500. The showcase of Forza running beautifully in 4K/60fps was enough for most people to justify the huge price tag and if not, then the PS4 Pro is always $100 dollars cheaper ( but only if you’re okay with checkerboard rendering 4k).


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