Xbox One X Is Unique And Not Just A Next-Generation Upgrade; Says Microsoft Exec

Xbox One X


The Xbox One X promises to bring 4k gaming to the couch and Microsoft has been marketing it as exactly that ever since it was first properly revealed at E3. This release isn’t what we’re used to in the console generation lineups and Microsoft is keeping up with the recent tradition of mid-generation upgrades that has been going on (PS4 Pro for Sony) for some while to transition console gaming to higher resolutions and better performance. Except one might question the fact that Microsoft already released the Xbox One S as their mid-cycle upgrade solution, the answer is what Microsoft says about the Xbox One X as a “premium” console for a market audience that is aiming for 4k resolution console gaming.

Microsoft’s Albert Penello, Senior Director of Xbox Console Marketing, had to say something about this entry in the Xbox One lineup about how it’s going to hold it’s own unique place in the ecosystem.

“It’s its own thing,…..It’s a new thing. That’s what I think is cool about it. If you step outside the console, people are faced with choice on literally everything in life. Why is there a 4 cylinder, a 6 cylinder, and an 8 cylinder if you’re a car guy? Why are there 2 washing machines? Why are there phones that are a different sizes? Most people figure out what their value is for what they want to spend. It’s only consoles that have lived in this very fixed, singular consumer electronics mode, and that’s why I don’t think it’s going to be as confusing for people as the industry is making it out to be. I think people will be able to figure out where they care about tech, where they are with price, and what is important to them with gaming. They’re going to be able to make a decision.”, This is what Albert Penello had to say.

The Xbox One X comes out next month worldwide and if you haven’t pre-ordered it already, be sure to head to retailers soon since the number might run out! Stay tuned for more!