Microsoft Says Xbox One X Is Designed To Be Future Proof

Xbox One X


Xbox One X has been touted as the most powerful console in existence, and it is without a shadow of a doubt lived up to its reputation. The full reveal came at this year’s E3 and it got a lot of people asking themselves questions about the console’s capabilities and purpose. One of these questions was how many years will the Xbox One X last before being replaced by something even better? Microsoft answered that question by stating that their 4k console is going to be future-proof and will last atleast 3-4 years before it starts growing old.

A usual console lasts for atleast 3-4 years so this was expected but the Xbox One X being an extension of the Xbox One family, a lot of people were wondering whether it would follow the same lifespan or not. Microsoft assured that it will be the same case with the One X as they have made sure that the console is future-proof.

The best strategy that Sony will use with the PS5 would be to make the Xbox One X look obsolete which means that Microsoft might counter with a new console that will relate to the One X as the original Xbox One did to the Xbox 360 (not a huge power difference but a focus on improved software). Recently a fan asked Greenberg the same question here’s how he responded.

The pre-orders for Xbox One X are live now and the list of enhanced games is growing by the day, but one thing which is still unclear is how can you future proof a console when technology is ever changing , and it has no exclusive software to begin with? Maybe that’s something which may become apparent in the years to come.

The list will undoubtedly grow in the coming days but I believe that you cannot future proof a console as technology and software is changing rapidly. However whether or not the Xbox One X can capture the imagination of the normal everyday consumer remains to be seen.