Microsoft Explains The Intricate Details Of The Xbox One X

Xbox One X


“The most powerful console ever made” is the statement that Microsoft continues to market the Xbox One X as and it seems that they aren’t kidding either. With the console’s launch so close, Xbox Wire released details about how the console came together after an intense three years of engineering.

We got out first official look at the Xbox One X at E3 2017 where Microsoft showed off just how powerful their latest iteration in the Xbox One family is. The power packed inside such a small and sleek package is a architectural masterpiece! The One X being smaller than both the original Xbox One and the Xbox One S, and claiming to be 40% more power than any console that is out there right now in the market is really amazing.

The cooling solution that went into the console is a custom vapor chamber and fan system which is a customized setup to fix in the extremely compact 13.5 by 10 inch box. With a console packing that much power, the air flow needs to be regulated and the system needs to be cooled in order to perform at peak power so extra design measures were taken by the Microsoft team to make it happen.

The unique architecture puts the motherboard on top the vapor system which then takes all the heat from the top (that sinks to the bottom) and uses it to power the radiator fins which keep everything cool and ready for optimal performance.

Xbox Wire also discussed the visual aspect of the console and how they came up with it, with references to the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. The team emphasized on the unusual way they placed the components in the body of the console and so on.

Xbox One X has gone live for pre-order so make sure to secure one before stock runs out. Stay tuned for more!