A 4K Isn’t Necessary For The Xbox One X To Improve Your Games

Xbox One X


The Xbox One X is classified and marketed by Microsoft as the platform will bring 4k gaming to the couch (and consoles) but what if somebody doesn’t have a 4k tv in the first place? Microsoft has commented about this and has assured people that a 4k tv is not necessary to see the enhancements the Xbox One X is going to bring to your games. There are a lot of improvements that will not be restricted to the resolution upgrade that the console brings.

Microsoft had recently stated what their Xbox One X Enhancement program is and what it will be for the audience that wants to upgrade to the One X. This terms states all of the upgrades a game can get in terms of performance and visuals to fully utilize the One X’s power. This includes developer upgrades such as a bump in resolution, framerate improvements, textures quality overhaul etc.

Microsoft said that “Enhanced” means that the game will, overall, look and run better not only at a 4k resolution but also at 1080p. Something called Supersampling will scale a 4k image down to 1080p with crisp visual fidelity for people who still own a 1080p display. The results will mean that at 1080p, people will get sharper visuals with better textures and many more gameplay improvements such as better framerates when compared to the original Xbox One or the One S.

Even if a game isn’t “enhanced”, Microsoft says that it will still run better on the Xbox One X in terms of graphics and performance due to the upgraded hardware inside. That is the goal for the One X according to Microsoft, to make sure that it is the console that plays the best version of any game (of course, in the comparison with only other consoles).

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