Xbox One Scorpio Is In Line With A Mid Range Gaming PC Says Analyst


A lot has been made about the Xbox One Scorpio ranging from it’s performance to the price that it will be launched at . However perhaps the most interesting question is that how does Xbox One Scorpio actually compare in terms of performance with a gaming PC?

In a recent interview with Glixel Analyst and founder of PC Perspective Ryan Shrout was asked the all important question of how did the Xbox One Scorpio compare with the current PC gaming rigs and Laptops that are currently available in the market. Here is how he responded

“This is the million dollar question,”. I would consider Scorpio to be in line with a mid-range gaming PC based around the Radeon RX 460 / GTX 1060. I might give Scorpio the slight edge in GPU performance, but the Jaguar-based CPU is still going to be behind the Core i5 and Ryzen processors on the market today.” Shrout says if Microsoft can keep the price around $500, it represents good value performance-wise.

One important thing to note here is the fact that Shrout is also of the opinion , much like everybody else that if the Scorpio is priced at $500 it would represent good value for money. However Microsoft has repeatedly said that Xbox One Scorpio will be a premium console. But it has so far been tight lipped when it comes to its price , and recently analysts have suggested that it could be somewhere around the $700 mark.

He also went on to say that Xbox One Scorpio has enough juice and would have no problem powering current virtual reality technology that is currently available in the market.

“Rated at 6 TFLOPS, Scorpio has higher maximum theoretical compute capability than the Radeon RX 480 and even the GeForce GTX 1060. All indications are that MS is planning to partner with someone rather than push its own VR headset and Oculus would make the most sense.”

Opinions will remain divided on the Xbox One Scorpio, yes the console is a absolute behemoth , but an above average price point as may just make it a tough sell, however only time will tell if the Scorpio is a hit or a miss.