Here is Why Xbox One Scorpio Will Probably Be Priced Higher Than The PS4 Pro

xbox one S

We have heard time and time again that the Xbox One Scorpio is perhaps going to be amongst the most powerful consoles that is out there. It is a well understood phenomenon, which you most pay for a premium quality product, and hence many expect the Xbox One Scorpio to be priced well above the PS4.

In a recent video of Levelup Phil Spencer who is the head of Microsoft’s Xbox division shared some details about the Xbox One Scorpio which is supposedly the most affordable variant. While he talks about it, he also mentions the fact that the Xbox One Scorpio is going to be priced way above the Xbox One S’s price range.

This is hardly a surprise that Spencer himself confirmed this fact

“We have yet to officially announce the pricing, but I want to make sure that the investment we are putting into the product of Scorpio will definitely meet the demands of the higher-end consumer and that will be a much higher price,” Spencer said in an interview.

While some may argue that the Xbox One Scorpio will be priced somewhere near around the Pro’s price range which is somewhere around the $399-$499 mark, it remains to be seen whether that will actually be the case.

Microsoft recently where able to capture the attention of gamers worldwide  by actually  informing  the consumers that the Scorpio is actually going to be an upgrade on the PS4 Pro , as it offers real 4K gaming experience. This strategical move in hindsight could actually have been done to justify the price that the Scorpio will launch at. Bear in mind that the PS4 Pro has a distinct advantage over Scorpio due to its early release, with the Scorpio slated for a 2017 release date many amongst the gaming community actually feel that the delay will actually benefit the Pro’s cause.  This might indeed have been the case had Microsoft not emphasized on the fact that their product is actually superior. The feeling here is that good things come to those who wait, and it looks like once the consumer has had a taste of PS4 Pro and compares it with the Scorpio he will see the added advantage and be willing to pay for a far superior product.

Furthermore the Scorpio will also enjoy an extended product life cycle, with Microsoft already confirming that they have no plans to launch another console for the foreseeable future. The Scorpio will also be VR ready by the time of its launch, and is estimated to be at least 43% more powerful than its closest competitor the PS4 Pro. Add to this the prospect of backwards compatibility and you have a machine that is superior in nearly all categories (exclusives are debatable) than its competitor.

The Scorpio will indeed be priced higher than the PS4 Pro , many might argue that this will leave the Xbox One Scorpio ‘dead in the water’ , but Microsoft has given consumers enough of an incentive to pay for a product which is bound to be superior than anything that has been released before. Let us know if you believe that the Xbox One Scorpio will be priced higher than the PS4 Pro by commenting in the comments section below.