Xbox One Scorpio Will Be 4K And That Isnt That Big Of A Deal Says Michael Pachter

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We all know that Xbox One Scorpio is going to be more powerful than any of its closest competitors. However in the most recent episode of Pachter Factor, the show’s host Michael Pachter was responding to a fan question regarding  Xbox One Scorpio  and it being a next-gen console, and he believes that Scorpio being 4k isn’t that big of a deal.

Pachter stated that power is not that important anymore , he further clarified his stance by adding that yes a console does need greater power to do more things , but we are now in an age where graphics look like movies, and he gave examples of PS4 exclusives such as Uncharted 4, The Last Of Us and Horizon Zero Dawn as being games which have amazing graphics and yet the average consumer might not be interested in a minute difference in computational power and graphical capabilities .

” I don’t think it matters. We can go from 1080p which is 2million pixels on the screen to 4K which is 8 million pixels on the screen, and although that’s 6 million more pixels and 4 times the graphic intensity. That’s like taking a photo from a iPhone 3 or 4 with a 2 mega-pixel camera and compare it with a photo of an iPhone 7 which has a 10 or 12 mega-pixel camera.”

He further went on to say you obviously will be able to see the difference on a 100 inch screen , however most of us are playing games on a 32 -55 inch screen, and hence we wont be able to make out a significant  difference.

“Scorpio is going to be 4K , What does 4K mean? 8 million pixels. It’s 4 times as many pixels as 1080p. Yes that requires a butt load of processing power but it isn’t that big of a deal”

He then went on to add that he himself has a PS4 Pro and he cant tell the difference from a standard PS4 on his TV. Pachter believes that next-gen consoles aren’t going to do much more than this , and was of the opinion that the average gamer will not be concerned with a slight improvement in graphics or the amount of characters on the screen. Thus implying that although the Xbox One Scorpio will be great for the gaming industry , when looking at it from the average gamers point of view it really does seem like a big deal.

Let us know if you agree or disagree with Pachter’s comments by commenting in the comments section below


  • jt3z

    More and more people are playing games on gaming monitors which are 20-32 inch screen which will be a huge difference. Also the reason why the PS4 Pro and the Xbox Scorpio are aiming for 4k is so they last a lot longer, so they dont have to do another mid generation upgrade.

  • Adam Jay

    This Patcher is full of shit.
    I see his comments regarding everything that is about to be released and puts his spin on things and is always wrong. Lol
    Just like his predictions of ps5 on 2018.
    What world is this guy in?

    Get a grip, every one wants a piece of the true 4k gaming & vr experience, including myself.

    I’ll be purchasing the SCORPIO no matter what this guy spouts off. ?

    He probably sits at home on his Game Cube on & old chunky SD TV. Joker.

    • Aaron blanchard

      Totally agree with you brother. Scorpio is my next console purchase no matter what this geek says.

  • Edonus

    It would really be great if MS got a chance to actually sell their products. This entire generation has been the media creating doubt and undermining the Xbox One before the product is even in the hands of consumers so consumers can give there take without influence.

    • Aaron blanchard

      It’s like the election between Trump and HIllary. The media try’s so hard to undermine Xbox but no ones listening.

      • HAppY_KrAToS

        Which media ?

        Because afaik, it was the US press/media, and its 95% of websites( ex polygon,forbes, etc) /journalists (remember the clown adam sessliar, one of the biggest sony haters), along thousands and thousands of other journalists( forbes has a big sony hater too, the ‘poor ps4’ Kain guy), reviewers, gaming websites like lensoftruth (let’s spot one single blurred texture on the ps3 version, to declare the x360 the winner-best version), etc etc, all that aided by the ugly policies game developers had to sign, forcing them to spend more dev time on the xbox..
        … and that…
        …since 2005, until today !

        Websites like gamespot barely talked about the rrod, on the x360, so the innocent dads and kids would continue buying that broken shiit, instead of picking a under-2.5%-failure-rate future-proof ps3…

        All that, generated a new generation of xbox nazis, that would pollute all the internet, like forums like n4 gamers, where saying something less good about xbox would result in a ban/block, by the pro xbox mods…

        You have no idea what the ‘media’ did to sony, just to promote and praise the xbox national brand..

        No idea.

        Fortunately, no more policies, no more weak ports, the ps4 destroyed the x1, on paper, and on the countless 720p vs 1080p, with much better graphics/everything versions.
        The almost 60 million ps4 vs 25 million x1 should mean something.


        lol is media hiding the 2017 x1 exclusives?

        no one is listening? maybe YOU are the one not listening! X1 already lost this gen and that is why M$ cant bring a replacement soon enough…just without exclusives…


      Ahh right!
      It’s not because of the announcement debacle,
      nor the higher price point,
      nor the underpowered hardware,
      nor the lack of 3rd party deals,
      nor the dissadvantage in exclusives,

      it was the media!


      • Edonus

        People like you are the problem because you block out reality…

        6 months before the X1 was revealed announced or anything the gaming media was running stories on how terrible DRM is and how you couldnt trade games and how always online would screw the player in the navy.

        The X1 was priced higher because it came with extra hardware the kinect….. which the gaming media attacked and slandered way before it was released. Remember all the I dont want kinect articles and its going to spy on you, and I ant to be able to disconnect it articles months and months before anyone even got a chance to use it.

        Underpowered hardware….. which is funny because in every other gen quality was based on a range. We never had consoles that ran every game exactly the same. The X1 delivers in the same range as the Ps4 most of the games run the same. The question changed from do the games look good which they all do to what are the technical specs of the game. Gears 4 runs 1080p30fps campaign and 1080p60fps MP, Uncharted runs !080p30fps campaign 900p60fps MP….. now you can be a c$%ksucker and say Gaers4 doesnt look as good but that is BS. Gears for is gorgoeus and has co-op campaign and a better MP and a better horde (on a personal and technical). That whole idea of weak hardware is how they taint MS form selling games before they are released.

        MS has 3rd party deals Fallout 4 ring a bell, but everything still goes through the media. #rd party deals is a red herring they used to cover up when Ps4 had no games when MS did have some and they were just going to promote and push Ps4 more anyway.

        Disadvantage in exclusives? This has to be one of the worst offenders of the media bias. The X1 released with more exclusives than the Ps4 and was banging them out more often for the first couple years. Right now is the only time Ps4 actually has more AAA offerings at a given time and thats because most of the games were delayed and just coming out all together now…… Not to mention if you want the best racers, FPS, TPS and most competitive refined games on console you need the Xbox One. Sony does great with single player one off experiences but games that require a building of skills and competition with community they suck….. they dont even have exclusives with dedicated servers.

        So yes it was the media and still is.


          Block reality? You are giving the counterpoints yourself!
          -If people was complaining about DRM before x1, WHY did they came out “always online” WHOSE FAULT WAS THAT? who was blocking reality?

          -Kinect, like all motion controlers, had already failed! even nintendo had already ditched them and they come FORCING you to pay for kinect and even saying it was mandatory to have it conected. WHOSE FAULT WAS THAT? who was blocking reality?

          -Previous gen didnt have consoles with the same architecture! MS had more money while Sony was still in red numbers…yet sony made a more powerful console, that was obvious at the moment they presented its specs! WHOSE FAULT WAS THAT? did the media or me told MS to use ddr3 memories? Most 3rd party titles run on lower res on x1 and when there were FPS problems like fallout 4 or just cause 3 they were worse on x1. Who is blocking reality now?

          Um, how do you not know this being an xbox user? COD is bigger than fallout! by far! battlefront is bigger than fallout! (even if it didnt turn out that great). Naturally those would make a bigger splash! Now, you seem to forget all the media coverage to the Rise of the tomb raider deal and titanfall. Who is blocking reallity now?

          That is true! there were more, but they werent that great, aside from titanfall nothing was really awesome! and that was ONLY for the 1st year! right now? PS4 exclusives whiped the floor with x1’s exclusives all 2016! who is blocking reallity now?

          Best FPS? lol not even close! the best FPS are COD, overwatch, battlefield 1 and titanfall 2 and they ALL are running/looking better on ps4!
          The best 3rd person shooter? is Uncharted 4 BY FAR!
          Best fighters? ps4
          best 3rd person shooters? ps4
          baseball games? ps4
          RPG’s? ps4
          MMORPG’s? ps4
          indies? ps4
          Open worlds? ps4
          Rogue like’s? ps4
          exploration games? ps4
          Action adventure? Ps4
          But yes! you have ONLY the best racers, only that, against the rest?
          Who is bloking reallity now?

          Why would you blame media when you ignore it and the rest of reallity?

          • Edonus

            Everything you said is stupid and is more semantics than anything else. And none of it justifies the fact that the media has not let MS have the stage to present their vision or products to the customers without already having been drilled with negative ideas before hand. That affects things and if you can see that you are either a c%%ksucking fa**ot or a shill that trolls forums and discussions like the Russian hackers that screwed up the election.

            Oh…. another thing…..Dont comment to anything I write you are not worthy of my time , you are either a shill or an idiot we have nothing to discuss.


            OMG! truth truly hurts! I fact spanked you to oblivion!

            People like you are the real problem! People like you put people like you in the presidency! A moron who doesn’t like the truth so he invents its own, and makes a tantrum every tiem someone shows him his mistakes. You are like your president and you deserve to have him. Too bad the rest of the world has to pay the price along with the morons that put him there!

            Semanthics? you are a crying baby! and a puzzy that cant handle the truth!

            PS4 has MORE POWER than xbone! FAAAAACCCCT
            PS4 has MORE GAMES than xbone! FAAACCTT
            PS4 has BETTER 3rd party deals than xbone! FFAAACCCT
            PS4 has MORE and BETTER EXCLUSIVES than xbone! FAAACCT!

            As much as that hurts your xbot fanny, that is no media feat, thats just om sony and M$ and none of your tantrums will change that! If you think insulting others or blame the media that will change keep doing it! see how it works! you have done that all year and did any new exclusives miracusly appeared? NO! It will blow in your face as it has been blowing in the face of your replica in the presidency!

            PS4 owns Xbone same way I owned you! and you both are left crying like little b¡tches!


          • Edonus

            Why are you talking to me? I will only insult you. I didnt even read your faggotry stop. I dont want you anywhere near my rational thoughts with your pony brain dumb shit. Go play your one off games that are forgotten in a week…..Oh…… it been more than a week since Horizon zero yawn….. so back in the discussions and forums…. Pathetic.



            Oh! Not only salty but but hurt??

            You x bots are really pathetic! Squealing like little girls ?

            Since there’s no games for your xbrick you should spend your gaming time praying that Scorpio gets at least a good game cause ps4 is raping xbox like I talked you! ?????

  • Aaron blanchard

    There’s no difference but he bought a PS4 pro. Just because he wanted to see that there was no difference. This guy needs to kick his smack habit and buy glasses. Scorpio will kill this guys claim.

    • HAppY_KrAToS

      Maybe Pachter, unlike you, would find it really really stupid, to go buy a ps4 console, regardless of which one is better (normal-pro), and only picking the standard model, because of a 100 bucks difference. *ok so the pro model can do 4k, 1080p videos, less noisy, physical buttons, bigger harddrive, among tons of others exclusive features ? Ohh, i prefer picking the standard version *

      Yeahhh !


      You know that that is part of his job dont you?

  • Nurse Nancy-HumanFilthEdition

    Prachter is an idiot. You can tell the difference between 1080p and 4k on a 50″ screen from 10 feet away.

    And it’s not like PS4 and Xone are 1080p 60fps Ultra All locked. It’s 720p 30fps mid to high settings.


      No ps4 game is 720p but cool keep hating the guy that doesn’t share your hopes about scorpio.

    • No, you can’t. It’s scientifically impossible as the human eye cannot resolve pixels of that size. From ten feet the screen would need to be at least 80″ for the human eye to resolve a significant difference. If it looks different to you that’s because you know it’s in 4K, same way an expensive bottle of champagne tastes better than a cheap one, but only when you know it’s expensive.

  • Alex Proctor

    He is right – first generation Scorpio games will not look better than PS4 Pro exclusives like Days Gone and the Horizon sequels. Honestly Xbox has already failed because of lack of exclusives…Sony has the only consoles that matter.

  • Brian

    looking forward to SCORPIO!!, doesn’t matter what this dude says

  • jacksjus

    He is absolutely correct. The headline makes it appear like a shot at MS only.

    I have the PS4 Pro with a 4K tv and it didn’t magically make my gaming experience more enjoyable because of it.

    A good game is a good game and only good talent can accomplish just that.

    Zelda is the highest rated game but looks average compared to every other game recently released.


    He seems right again!

    Without good exclusives to really showcase that power…oh, right! scorpio won have any kind of exclusives…

  • XanderZane41

    Patcher is clueless as always. Why didn’t he say that with 1080P? lol!! There will obviously some differences. How big they are remains to be seen. Won’t matter to me as I’ll own both consoles anyways.

    • The difference between SD, or 720p and 1080p is noticeable because it’s within the resolution range of the human eye. The difference between 1080p and 4K on anything less than a 75-80″+ screen is not so noticeable. It’s barely detectable, in fact and will make no difference to how you experience the game. You cannot compare the two transitions – the first (SD-HD) is meaningful, the latter (HD-4K) is not.

  • datdude

    So….is Pachter admitting he has a tiny TV?

    Too much information, man.

  • Hvd

    my question is who is still paying this clown.his credabilty is shot.must just for the clickbait.