Xbox One Scorpio Website Removes “High Fidelity VR” As A Feature

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Update : Microsoft has since confirmed to Gamespot that Scorpio will offer high fidelity VR, though it wont say why the line was removed in the firstplace

The biggest reveal for Microsoft in 2017 is  undoubtedly going to be the Xbox One Scorpio. We have by now all seen the video which was first aired at E3 2016 which spoke of how the team was working on a powerful new console which was titled Project Scorpio.

Information about the system has been hard to come by , however Scorpio’s website has strangely removed one important feature as noticed by one individual on NeoGAF while commenting on a thread where Ori’s Dev had called Scorpio ” A Full blown Next Gen machine“. The feature in question which the thread states was previously titled “High Fidelity VR” on the official  Xbox One Scorpio website.

The removal is surprising considering the fact  the Scorpio is more than capable of running VR and  Xbox’s closest rival the PS4 became VR compatible in 2016 , and hence it makes perfect sense to assume that the beefed up version and the daddy of all consoles the Scorpio would support VR capabilities. Even the likes of HP and Dell announced  VR headsets compatible with Windows 10 devices. These headsets will most likely be compatible with Scoprio and hence the removal of the feature from the website is strange to say the very least.

This might be an accident , although my money is on the fact that it has for now been shelved so that Microsoft can focus on the other features the console can offer.  It also goes hand in hand to what Phil Spencer said last year that he would like to introduce the VR to Scorpio when it was more than just “demos and experiments.” 

The Scorpio might be one of the most powerful consoles around , but if at launch it does not support VR it is going to be a step backwards for the console. Both the PS4 and the PS4 Pro are currently VR compatible , and the Scorpio lacking VR after releasing one year after its counterpart is sure to raise a few eyebrows. Microsoft is packaging the Xbox One Scorpio as the next big thing, and  I believe that it has the potential to be a game changer  , and having VR would only help its cause rather than deter it.

So do you believe that the potential lack of VR may hurt the chances of Xbox One Scorpio, let us know by commenting in the comments section below.