Online Retailer Has Revealed Price For Xbox One Scorpio


With the specs of the Xbox One Scorpio being revealed, the next interesting thing about Microsoft’s new console is the price point which Microsoft has not yet disclosed. But that might not be the case anymore as a Spanish retailer has listed the Xbox One Scorpio’s price on their website.

Xtralife, a Spanish online store, has listed the Xbox One Scorpio at a price of 399.99 euros as noted by a twitter user DesiXBL. This is a major game-changer as many analysts predicted that the premium console will be priced a lot higher than this, going as far as to have a possible price of $599.

There is the distinct possibility that this might just be a placeholder, however the main factor that will make or break the Xbox One Scorpio will be it’s price. According to many industry analysts, if the Scorpio is priced at anything higher than $399, it will not be as successful as Microsoft plans it to be. Many have said that Microsoft did a huge mistake with the pricing of the original Xbox One and will learn this time around to not make that same mistake again. Michael Pachter, Wedbush analyst, says that it will be suicide if the console is priced higher than $399.

Microsoft was expected to price Scorpio a bit higher than expected as Phil Spencer stated that it would be a “premium” console but one can hope that Microsoft deviates from its regular habit of pricing their consoles higher than they should be.

Phil Spencer has said that the Scorpio will not be competing with high-end PCs so that might suggest that it will be priced quite reasonably. The price and performance will be balanced to a “console” market. What do you think the price for the Scorpio should be? Let us know in the comments section and be sure to stay tuned for more on Xbox One Scorpio