‘Xbox One S’ Outsells Sony PS4; Microsoft Thank Fans

Xbox One S

Microsoft’s Xbox One S has managed to outsell Sony’s PlayStation 4 Slim. Microsoft has paid tribute to its fans thanking them for their role in this feat.

It appears Microsoft’s marketing strategy managed to pay off as the Xbox One S finally managed to outgun Sony’s PlayStation 4 Slim in sales. The console which was released last August 23 not only attracted old fans but also caught the eye of new fans alike. The console features quite a few improvements on the original notably the ability to play Ultra HD Blu-Ray contents. In easier words, the console is able to support native 4K resolution and will look stunning on Ultra HD TV’s.

Xbox’s Marketing Executive Aaron Greenberg took to Twitter to share his delight:-


So grateful to everyone who helped us get back on top! #DontCallitAComeback https://t.co/KTbMdT1zfr

— Aaron Greenberg (@aarongreenberg) October 14, 2016


There are various factors which attribute to the Xbox One S’ success over its rival. A major factor is the price. The price alone can play a big part in deciding which console to buy and for a gamer on a budget Xbox One S at $299 seems a lot more attractive than the PS4 Pro at $399. Another reason for buying an Xbox One S is that it supports backward compatibility .Both Xbox One and Xbox One S are able to play 200 selected Xbox 360 games with the library of games continuing to grow. That is some great news if you already own an Xbox 360 and have games just lying around gathering dust. Now, you can play all those games without having to switch consoles. All you need is the original disk or you can download the game from the online marketplace as well.

It remains to be seen whether Microsoft can maintain their lead over the holiday season ,but for now let’s allow them to enjoy this victory .

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