Xbox One S Marketing Takes An Unexpected Turn In Japan

xbox one S

Japan has been the home for everything unexpected. Same happens to be the case with Microsoft’s newer variant of the Xbox One. The Xbox One S is being sold as an Ultra HD Blu-Ray player in Japan. Can you believe that?

Here’s what we are talking about:

You would expect the sales in Japan are happening due to the gaming console itself. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. It’s being sold in the biggest electronic store in Tokyo: Bic Camera outlet in Yurakucho, and people are actually buying it for the way it is being advertised.

The price Xbox One S is being sold at is apparently extremely cheap when compared to a HD Blu-Ray player and this seems to have gotten the local’s attention. What’s even worse is that the gaming feature of the console is being advertised as an additional factor and not the actual one.

The reason we say the marketing strategy is working for them is because they were able to sale 63 units around that time. Want proof of that too? Check the sales figures here.

Nintendo Switch, however, is leading the sales as it has sold over 69,000 units, which is no surprise at all. The latest Nintendo console is doing a phenomenal job at bringing games that make the fans feel a wave of refreshed nostalgia.

That said, we’re still surprised that locals in Japan are buying the Xbox One S as a media player instead of a gaming console.

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